Free Fable III weapons available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace

GamerZines writes:

In the run up to the anticipated release of the third instalment within Lionhead's celebrated Fable series, players have been provided with a duo of weapons that allow them to gain the upper hand in battling their enemies across Albion.

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MGRogue20172974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Not really interested... but I'll download 'em anyway.

Who knows, I may buy Fable 3 in the future.. And it's free so why not..? Got nothing to lose. :D

Rampaged Death2973d ago

Downloaded. Hopefully my copy turns up tomorrow.

Sexius Maximus2973d ago

Downloading now too. How can a couple of weapons be a 240 MB download?

Hades13372973d ago

Nice, first Kingmaker and now this. Some nice promotional material for Fable 3.

JokesOnYou2973d ago

Yeah, I'll check this out tonight. I think Fable3's timing is perfect, gives me a bit of a break from MW2 and Reach, just before Black Ops. Gamers are truly spoiled this gen.



It says I need the latest Xbox Live update and it doesnt come until tomorow right?

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