Gamepro gives Tiger Woods 08' for 360 - 4.5/5

The Tiger Woods franchise has been rolling along on auto-pilot for several seasons now, but the '08 offering is prepared to up the ante for new-gen golfers. EA's Tiburon studio, fortress stronghold for Madden Football, NCAA Football, and NASCAR among others, has taken on the challenge of revitalizing Tiger's namesake and they're hitting all the greens.

As expected there are cosmetic upgrades all around. Photo Game Face enables you to map photos from a digital camera or an Xbox Vision camera to your created golfer's noggin. There are seventeen courses including five new ones, eight new golfers, and a load of fresh animations.

Online this year, Tiger's introducing GamerNet for a major focus on community-building. This is basically a collection of video channels where you can upload your best shots, best rounds, or goofy golf hijinks using the game's excellent replay feature. GamerNet will also display its own challenges, which you can try to beat, such as longest drives or best course scores.

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Anything but Cute4131d ago

Tiger Woods is an overrated f*g and this golf crap games sucks. If anything I would play Hotshots golf 5.

Ignorant Fanboy4131d ago

He is pretty close to being the best player to ever walk the earth.

In the next two or three years he should overtake Nicholaus' records. And then he has another 20 years of golf ahead of him to keep raising the bar.

nasim4131d ago

thts a horrible game with bad graphics

reaperxciv4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

he is the #1 rated golfer. plus another upcoming AAA title to boot! Phew!

i bet nasim has a moronic idea up his arse again, too bad nasim, i pressed the ignore tab.

Skynetone4131d ago

maybe next year

o4 was my favorite it had the best courses and was fun

o5 and 06 boring

Power of Red4130d ago

i think he is talking about the game lol

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InMyOpinion4131d ago

I loved Tiger Woods 04' but since then the games have gotten worse every year. The controls are'nt as good (why did they switch the swing sticks around?) and the career mode is lacking.

Syko4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

If there are any Tiger Woods players here that want to try their hand against me send me a friend request on LIVE. My Gamertag is the same: Syko 360. I have been ranked in the top 25 the last 2 years and was as high as 3rd overall last year in 07'. I believe I am still in the top 25 despite not playing for 6 months or so, due to the online being so broken last year.

Needless to say I am stoked about this year and so far haven't heard any major complaints from the community. Look foward to reclaiming my top ten status this year again. see ya on the links.

DG4131d ago

This game is making me buy the vision cam. Ill rent the game just to put my mug in it.

sajj3164131d ago

TW on the PS3 plays at 30 fps ... EA devs complain about getting one character to animate at 60 frames

reaperxciv4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

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