The Need for Investigative Journalism

Jonathan Nunez takes a look at some of the problems that plagues gaming journalism. He talks about how it affects the readers and consumers. He also explains what journalist can do to stop it, even if it is unrealistic.


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catguykyou2969d ago

Now if only N4g would take some serious moderation stances when it comes to the process that is used to approve stories. As it is, we get tons of review stories from anything from glorified blogs, forum posts, and no name sites. We used to get tons of NPD articles too. Although since they stopped reporting publicly, I suppose we will seriously start hurting for content.

xino2969d ago

*well glorified blogs- because they have an important message they will like to share!
*Forum post- because they provide informative data that is crucial to gamers
*no name sites- what?

My beef is that we are getting too much wanna be contributors who rapidly report wrong articles! People do not bother clicking on the site and they just click on report as duplicate, just because they have similar titles doesn't mean it's a duplicate.

We have the same wanna be contributors who keep approving duplicate articles and old news!
What p*sses me off the most are wanna be game sites and ones that offers journalism. Yet these guys submit 3 days old article to be publish whereas everyone has talked about the game ages ago.
It's like SF x Tekken, everyone reported the news on the game and 4 days later we see small trash sites reporting the news as if Namco personally sent him the details on the news via email.

So much articles that talks about games but offer only pictures- Top 10 weapons in games, all the put are pictures for people to scroll through without any descriptions. Foreign sites with translation outcome that makes the whole page layout weird and unreadable.

So much people begging for hits!
One thing that p*sses me off is when an underrated site submits about 6 review articles for like iPhone games. COME ON MAN! Can you be that greedy!?

ComboBreaker2969d ago

I thought Kotaku wrote it. That would have been funny as heck. LOL.

ShadowPraxis2969d ago

The industry is such a closed cycle when it comes to the press end of things though. It really is a double edged sword - sites that break embargos or release sensitive information run the risk of being blacklisted. It's ridiculous...

SilverSlug2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Edit: Disregard this, I thought Kotaku made the article. I almost laughed myself to death.

Good article.

BrianC62342969d ago

I wish people who write this stuff would at least proofread their work. That thing is hard to read.

jnune092969d ago

Do you mind pointing it out, that's kind of embarrassing since I'm a writing major.

atticus142969d ago

honest investigative journalism is pretty much lost as long as the market revolves around money. These game corporations need mouth pieces to spread the hype and will see fit who gets the information and as long as those sites live on ads they'll gladly comply.

People like me and you could be the most honest non-bias journalists in the business but these corporations aren't going to leak any info to us because they dont benefit from it...because they have no idea what we will say. Leak it to a major news outlet and you'll get a nice hype article everytime because they need to insure that the ads keep coming.

Add to the fact that information is more traceable then ever and the fact that corporations have wised up and are giving false leaks to figure out who the moles are and once they get fired you probably wont see many more employees taking that risk.