Gametrailers: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

Does the PSP's second journey through the land of violence and Greek mythology appease the Gods?

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gamelova2973d ago

Great score. God of War has always been amazing

ABizzel12973d ago

Pretty much what I expect, except the final score was slightly higher than I thought Gametrailers would give it.

I'm glad that the next God of War game will be a reboot. I loved every GOW game, and I hate that Kratos is leaving since he's one of the best video game characters of all time.

But I think the GOW formula will start to wear thin if they continue with the same old same old, and even though we love it reviewers will start to bag on it.

God of War has done it's job, and now it's take for Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn to take the game to the next level again.

gillri2973d ago

last game I get on my PSP before I sell it, no more games that I want anymore for PSP, MDS PW was the last

bring on PSP2 and 3DS!!

foker2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

F*** how the hell does it look so good? Incredible,..they are really pushing psp... beyond what I thought was possible,..

3ds my ass,.. If it can do anything like this ,.. might give it a look,..

SephireX2973d ago

Wow. Then again it is GOW. What GOW game hasn't been critically well received?

Kakuren2973d ago

For a 5 year old handheld system, I have to admit that Ready at Dawn knows how to push the limit between beauty and brutality. Gona pick this one up for sure.

moparful992973d ago

Totally agree. Its weird how a company other then sony santa monica can craft such an amazing god of war title and with the restricted platform of the psp.... I cannot wait to pick up my ghost of sparta psp bundle.. Only 1 more week!!

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