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Top Ten Startling/Disturbing/Scary Games

Kevin from Paranerds.com takes a look at the Top Ten Startling/Disturbing/Scary Games. Since games aren't really scary and most rely on cheap scares such as something appearing on the screen he couldn't categorize it as just one, so instead he mixes them all under Startling, Disturbing and Scary. These are the Top Ten Startling/Disturbing/Scary Games. (Dead Space, Dementium: The Ward, Fatal Frame, manhunt, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Silent Hill, Xbox 360)

blakstarz  +   1652d ago
Siren needs to be on that list.
Azianphil88  +   1652d ago
himdeel  +   1652d ago
This list fails without SIREN BC...
...on it. That game is startling, disturbing, and scary. I have yet to complete the final chapter. I can only play it in short burst.
zootang  +   1652d ago
Lmao, me too! I'm a grown man and this shit gives me nightmares :(. I stopped playing after episode 3 for my hearts sake.
Baka-akaB  +   1652d ago
agreed , and it get worse , they feature the crappy reboot of alone in the dark and not the cult originals ?
Edward-Kraken  +   1652d ago
Remove Dementium and put Siren in. Good to see Fatal Frame at number one, though imo FF2 is the scariest among FF games.

My personal number one startling/scary/disturbing game goes to SH2 of course.
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TroyAndAbed  +   1652d ago
I agree with Fatal Frame taking the top spot.

However, why are Amnesia, Penumbra, and Siren not on there?
alphakennybody  +   1652d ago
this list is very weak.Where's penumbra, siren , call of cthulhu dark corners of the world?
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1652d ago
Play FEAR 1 (not 2 FEAR 2 isn't scary)
in the night in the dark and you will have nightmares. I have to admit that I pussied out and only played the game in broad daylight lol.

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thesithfreak  +   1652d ago
you know oddly, Morrowind is scary as hell. something about it creeped me out the whole time i was playing. very uneasy feeling
mushroomwig  +   1652d ago
I could never finish the original Resident Evil, after those hunters appeared I just couldn't handle it.
RedDead  +   1652d ago
THey don't scare me anymore, after you play it for a while you learn to be calm, aim, fire and you will walk away unharmed. If you panic you get your head slashed off :)
Kingdom Come  +   1652d ago
Generic List...
Siren, now THAT's Disturbing.
Dementium The Ward?! Really?! Neither One or Two are Disturbing, great Hand-Held games, but not Disturbing...
sonicsidewinder  +   1652d ago
Okay list but...
"...One time they do do this, but I won’t spoil when, just to keep you on the edge. This is definitely a scary game.

F'n spoiler all the same! You've planted the seed of 'knowing what is to come'. For people who aint played condemned and are thinking of cashing in for this halloween, don't read the 'condemned' section.

You don't want to know what happens. You don't even want an incling to what happens in the game. Condemned is a great experience the first time you play.

I care about you guys lol.
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Steven21  +   1652d ago
I would have had alan wake at 10, i always get scared when those damn taken pop out at me

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