NCSoft says: four titles initially planned for PS3

Geoff Heath, NCSoft Europe's big boss talked to regarding the deal they've struck with Sony. In it, they revealed some details. For example, will the more popular MMOs come to the PS3? It's entirely possible, but nothing's been set in stone. We'll give you a list of the important points.

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Loudninja4074d ago

I thought I took them all out, and I was just about to, when it got approve.

nasim4074d ago

BTW people WARHAWK is sold out at most stores in NA .

i think over 200 000 copies were purchased yesterday alone from PSN

XxZxX4074d ago

I think we gonna see guild wars coming soon.. pretty cool.

Bazookajoe_834074d ago

More games to steal my money..

AllroundGamer4074d ago

hopefully not all boring MMORPGs...

Marona4074d ago

True there... please Lineage 3 on PS3... please....

tplarkin74074d ago

It would be foolish for Sony to invest in MMOs now. They need games, badly. MMOs take too long to develop. (And they are boring.)

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The story is too old to be commented.