VideoGamer: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

It would be possible to excuse Ghost of Sparta for its shortcomings by instead focusing on what Ready at Dawn has once again managed to achieve - a fairly decent God of War game on a teeny weeny handheld console. It's an impressive feat for sure, but to focus solely on that would be unfair to both the talented studio and venerable franchise: there's so much potential unexplored here, and occasional glimmers of ingenuity in Ready at Dawn's efforts show a developer that should be able to do better.

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TOO PAWNED2973d ago

ouch, still getting it even if it got 5

Joule2973d ago

This game looks awesome.

TOO PAWNED2973d ago

It seems this site wanted to be first one of the gate with low score, to affect other scores.
Ign gave it 9.5
But IGN is irrelevant right? SOny fans say that, so score doesn't count or is it IGN legit in this case?

yewles12973d ago

Higher score than 3? LMFAO!!!

IMChampion2973d ago

why is that funny yewles1? do you think because its on a handheld its not worthy of the score? and @too pawned, way to be stealthy. i still dont care what ign gave it by the way. its freaking god of war, it will be bought.

nskrishna22973d ago

wait till i finish reading the other reviews

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