Ripten - Sony PS3 Review: Warhawk - 8.7 reviews the multiplayer exclusive for the PS3.

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gunnerforlife3979d ago

thats not a bad score, for a game that dosent have single player i mite give it a go, hope it doesn't dissepoint me though.

Kleptic3979d ago

if you like arcadey multiplayer definitely won't...If you have ever played Battlefield (any of them I guess), but where not happy with the games speed, (especially on foot imo), this is perfect...

you run a little unrealistically can fall off huge cliffs with just minor damage...and you are an absolute threat to nearly everything but a tank (the rpg can take down warhawks pretty quickly, and the flamethrower will pop jeep's in just a few seconds...)

overall its great imo...and if the game sells well, which is apperantly the case so far...there is no doubt lots of additional content on the way...Jobe mentioned in sever interviews and on the game's forum that additional maps, game modes, and other changes could all be pumped out relatively quickly...

must own imo...

nasim3979d ago

for a MP only game

WARHAWK is the best MP game of all time

i am so happy

LiquifiedArt3979d ago

I'd give it a 9.0 Its a really great game.

ALIEN3979d ago

Warhawk is a great game. The only thing that it doesn't have is the single player thing.

heroman7113979d ago

do u know if u can have 4 people playing online from one ps3

lonestarmt3979d ago

keep the good reviews coming!!! Screw PSM!! Warhawk is worth it!

SofaKingReetodded3979d ago

the "former" xbot who gave warhawk the bad review at PSM will soon be a "former" PSM employee.

Maddens Raiders3979d ago

I wish the score was lower. =[

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The story is too old to be commented.