How to fix camping in Black Ops

Have you ever been killed in a Call of Duty game only to watch the kill cam and see that the other player was watching the door? It is no secret that camping is running rampant in the Call of Duty community and based on the track record of the series, Black Ops isn't going to be any different. It doesn't have to be like that, however, and here is one way camping could be quelled.

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The Meerkat2974d ago

Just playing Devils Advocate here but, maybe the camping is part of what makes Call of Duty so popular.

It lets people with no skill get easy kills.

BoneIdle2974d ago

Its always weird the way it's the guy shooting the dope who doesn't have the skill to check a door before he blindly runs through it is considered the one with no skill!!

The Meerkat2974d ago

Do it once, and you can blame the camper.

Do it twice and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

SixZeroFour2974d ago

not if you do the same "mistake" 5 mins later...pretty sure you can blame the camper

Raoh2974d ago

a good player can flush anyone out of their position. even a really good sniper can be forced out of his camping spot.

Xander7562974d ago

Yeah after he has already killed you.

Xander7562974d ago

Well because they aren't more accurate or faster. They are just more patient. They aren't outshooting you, they are just outwating you.

Raoh2974d ago

camping is a part of war and war games. to an extent of course.

not just for snipers. its a viable tactic. its one thing to just sit behind a staircase. i get why people hate that. but two reflemen covering a door while another two snipers cover the window giving info of what they see to their team on the field is not camping. that's strategic.

its one of the reasons i stopped playing call of duty. its a run and gun fest.

Xander7562974d ago

I never understood this "it happens in real life" argument. This is a video game that is supposed to be played for fun, not real life. If you want to make the real life argument, then respawning should be taken out too. You die once and you're outta the rest of the game.

xYLeinen2974d ago

I think they are looking at the phenomenon "camping" a bit wrong. Even tho camping is more excessive in some games than others, I think developers in a whole need to examine the term and come up with a good solution or something to handle this.

I don't got solutions or even ideas how to address this, and many will even say it doesn't need to be addressed, but I wish a smart solution would be thought of in the most FPSes out there.

theonlylolking2974d ago

Camping is how a person plays. There are snipers, campers, rushers, and cautious peeps.

REAL snipers stay back and hardscope across a map.

Campers sit and wait for someone to go by them or near them.

Rushers run carelessly into a fight and get angry when killed by a camper or sniper.

Cautious players dont rush and dont camp either. They are sorta in the middle. Doing a little of both.

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The story is too old to be commented.