Eye of Judgement Hands On

Arstecnica: "One of the things we've been trying to play since we got to PAX was Eye of Judgment. While I've talked to one of the producers of the game at the last E3 and I saw the demo at the E3 before that, I still haven't sat down and played an entire game straight through. On the last day of the show, in the press-only hour at the exhibition hall, we talked to Christy Newton, the Director of Marketing for the game, and she was able to sit down with us at one of the tables and let Frank and I play against each other. "This area is the coffin," she told us, pointing to where used cards and killed creatures go. "

"Get used to that," Frank said menacingly, and it was on. "

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MK_Red3948d ago

The PS Eye is certainly great and the game looks cool. Hopefully it is more than a simple card game with camera. (The interactions with monsters on camera is seriously awesome though)

SimmoUK3948d ago

OMG did anyone else catch the end, Star wars and Transformer cards could be on the way, they've demoed the game to george lucas...

AllroundGamer3948d ago

that would be coool playing it like the holographic chess game in Star Wars :)

Frances-the-Mute3948d ago

those card junkies, they spend thousands on these things and this is a reality for those who wanted to bring their Yugioh dreams to life, this game would sell

Alymon3948d ago

It's spelled "JUDGMENT"

Oh man.

sumfood4u3948d ago

altho playing it by yur self = a no no!

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