Bobby Kotick, The Cash Cow CoD

Bobby Kotick, one of the most influential, yet lambasting executives in the gaming industry is always looking for another opportunity to advance the bottom line.

Will this move into the CoD realm REGARDLESS of his claims that in fact, no subscription will be implemented into the wildy popular FPS title?

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NewsForMe2970d ago

2011's Call of Duty game could be a blank disc and I guarantee there would be nearly 2 million preorders on Xbox 360 alone even if they were open about it. People would pay a subscription fee for it too.

FragGen2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

A subscription fee to play a single FPS game online would kill the series. There is enough competition that in spite of the brand, I think MOST consumers would move on.

I honestly would NEVER buy an FPS that charged a fee for online. It's a matter of principle. I'd just pick up something like KZ3, MOH, Ghost Recon: FS, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Rage, or any other of the dozen or so scheduled potentially AAA competitors.

Add value if you want to monetize your FPS as a service, like what Valve is doing with TF2.

kdogdaddy2970d ago

Hell, they could make tracking chips implemented under the skin into each individual customer mandatory and we'd be preordering and picking up at midnight across the country.

Now that I mention that...

Losi2970d ago

We'll probably see a subscription based FPS in the coming years, will it work? Probably not but I'm sure they will try. If its not subscription based they might try to implement a cash shop.(thats worked well for other titles...not)

TheLastGuardian2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Bobby Kotick is already rich. Why does he have to be so money hungry? I will be pissed if they announce subsription fees for Black Ops. The main reason i'm buying that game is for multiplayer but I refuse to pay fees to play online. Were already paying for the game so why do we have to pay more to play the online modes that are already on the disc?

If they announce it after Call Of Duty: Black Ops is released that will just be wrong and false advertisement. If I buy your game expecting to have a fun multiplayer to keep me occupied for months and then after I buy it you say I have to pay to play it online that is a load of bullshit and I will sell that game, but not to gamestop because they are just as bad as activision.

kornbeaner2969d ago

Cause money is the most addictive thing in the free world. The more money someone has the more money someone wants. Its easy to look at ourselves and say we wouldn't be that way but at the same time we dont know cause we don't have that amount of money. Not trying to defend him but I can see why somebody like him wants more money.

Software_Lover2969d ago

Is really the root of all evil and is the true cause of the downfall of our economy. For some reason people who have it just dont have enough and they do what they have to do to screw us middle class and poor citizens over.

Case in point Citi posting billions......BILLIONS in profits. Im all for profits, but how many homeowners, account holders did they screw over to post that.

Ceo's get fired for poor jobs then get multi million dollar packages. Or the ceo gets caught in a scandle, gets fired, and gets multi million dollar package. I've only seen one ceo actually give his bonus back to his employees in the form of checks.

Or, the insurance ceo's get tired of their 100 million dollar yacht that they have only had for 2 years so they need another one. The cost comes back to us who pay the premiums. I could go on all day

MarcoGT2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Q: Did he died?

A: No, but let's hope he does real soon.

Ok tell me when he did gone and died.

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The story is too old to be commented.