No “Toying” Around — Toy Story 3 PlayStation 3 Bundle Found On Amazon

PS3Maven: It pays to discover. Really, it does. Take a look at what we found listed on Amazon; a very interesting (and exciting) PlayStation 3 bundle featuring an assortment of goodies from a super popular Disney and Pixar series.

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scar202973d ago

Man i hope this is true iv'e been trying to get a good deal lately on a ps3 for my nephew hopefully i can get him this for christmas.

navysealrb2973d ago

was just on targets site and it actually says its available on the 7th of november and you can preorder it

himdeel2973d ago

...even though I'm not to jazzed about the game it's a good deal. I'm in the market for a slim and that 250 gig they're offering is only 100 gigs smaller than the drive I have now.

GamerSciz2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I don't know about you but I love Toy Story and have to say the old N64 Toy Story 2 game was quite addictive. My friend and I played it for around like 10 hours straight just switching off every death. I already have a PS3 but for someone who doesn't this could definitely be an awesome Xmas gift.

Gitaroo2973d ago

Im still hoping for a GT5 bundle for north america.

jukins2973d ago

even tho i have two ps3's i'd be VERY tempted to buy a gt5 bundle if they make it that awesome blue color japan seems to getting

GoldPS32973d ago

Great bundle. Just in time for Xmas.

Bass_fisherman2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

The game is now pretty cheap no need for a buddle to compensate.
The BR´s for TS1 and 2 arent worth it (their pretty cheap as well) and why there´s also DVD versions? that´s weird. (probably to stay in the kids room or something)

Otherwise this seems a lovely gift for a kid unless he already wants to play cod instead :/