Kinect could be the new Wii…For at least a year

SG: With the Xbox Kinect and Sony’s Move making it’s way into peoples homes in the next few weeks, people will be wondering which console add-on will come out on top.

Here is why I, Frawlz, think the Kinect will be the new Wii for the new year.

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Keith Olbermann2973d ago

too expensive and not Nintendo.

ComboBreaker2972d ago

Wii is the new Wii... For at least a year, until Wii 2 comes out.

-Mezzo-2973d ago

Nice article, but i think Kincet can't be compared to the Wii.

ash_divine2973d ago

It has the appeal and is catering to the same audience. There's also the fact that the games, advertising, and the product itself were no doubt inspired by the wii. I think it's only logical to compare them.

ct032973d ago

I'd also like to know why you think it can't be compared to the Wii. They seem similar enough, as does the target audience.

cmrbe2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

It is the year 2010. Not 2006. The wii back then came out at $250 as i remember with competition at $400 and $600. Kinetic is still a $150 add on and not bundle like the wii.

Motion control was new back then to the masses. Not anymore.

ash_divine2973d ago

but I still think that the idea Kinect is trying to sell will at least be perceived as new, even if it isn't. Not to mention, Microsoft has the biggest market muscle, and they'll probably get people(even people who are tired of motion controls) to buy into the hype.

aceitman2973d ago

if it does good then good can come out of it. if it has these problems that alot of people are talking about it will be a big fail after the 1st month because people will see its ads and say wow then go home with it and say wtf it doesnt work like the ads .. so i hope nothing for video games fail but if this does because of ms and there smoke and mirrors then good for them they would deserve every bit of hell given to them ... i have one preordered and im crossing fingers its all fixed and working good . i have the move and i love it the hell with fanboys and open the gates of heaven to gamers for life ...

ash_divine2973d ago

But the initial buyers (probably) won't know how the device performs, and if they can get a significant amount of people to buy it day one, more will follow(regardless of quality). Simply because a lot people are sheep and wouldn't be caught dead without the latest trend.(These are the people MS are aiming at with all the celebrity endorsements.)

PS: I do agree that, if it is just smoke and mirrors, MS deserves for Kinect to flop. But who would be dumb enough to release a product that didn't at least 'sorta' deliver on it's promises in this day and age? If Microsoft are actually going to release the product, I'm pretty sure it's at least similar to what was advertised. I doubt you'll be too disappointed.

btk2973d ago

So many Kinect articles trying to build hype...

Kinect must first prove itself. At the moment it is more expensive than the Wii, the games are more expensive, and it is not more accurate than the Wii. It also have very few titles compared to the Wii. That is a tall order to overcome to displace the Wii.

The first month of sales should be good due to the hype, by month two reality will set in, and by month three we will know if it is sustainable or if it is a flash in the pan.

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The story is too old to be commented.