Black Ops Leaked Footage Analysis | GameState

"Mahlon Haupt, member of the Cape Town clan Dala Squad, joins Grant in the studio to give their analysis on the leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Team Death Match footage." - GameState

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SmokexFFx2971d ago

I want to see the gameplay not those two talking, why is the gameplay shoved into the top corner?

granthinds2971d ago

I'm sure you've seen the footage already. This is an informed take with observations of the footage.

SmokexFFx2971d ago

What is the point of even including the footage if you can barly see it anyways? Just because this is an informed take doesn't mean you have got to show the people taking, what does that do?

Also I never have seen that footage before.

Millah2971d ago

Informed take on it? The guy with the Atari shirt on sounded like a complete moron.

vrylstminute2971d ago

This game looks epic. Love the fluidity and speed of it. Reminds me of the old days of UT...

granthinds2971d ago

It does, but very similar to MW2.

FanboyPunisher2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

But i bought MW2 instead of the boycott.

This i'm not since Activison is milking everyone even more this time around, Fuck them. Good game or not i've drawn my line with this shit, Fat ass Kotick sucking company.

btw - Indian with British accent is HILARIOUS!

slownage2971d ago

they are actually from South Africa = Indian with British AND Australian

MGRogue20172971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

OMG.. I'm fighting with the video player, I can't believe this.. lol

Play in HD.. god damn it!! :D

venom062971d ago

too much of the same stuff ... just a few new bells and whistles.. $60 can be spent on something wayy better ... this game = EPIC LAME FAIL... (of course it's gonna sell alot because of "sheepeole" desire to say i got the latest, new thing out)