Confirmed: Bigfoot to appear in RDR: Undead Nightmare DLC pack

GB: The latest Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC TV commercial has gone live, confirming that there will be a Bigfoot making an appearance in the add-on pack.

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gameseveryday2885d ago

Wow, as a unlockable boss?

cyborg2885d ago

not sure how it will appear but likely, it's gonna be a boss in the game. Looks really scary though. It's about time Rockstar gave us a BIGFOOT. BRING IT ON!!!

BulletProofVess2885d ago

that zombies make any good game

murcielago42885d ago

they should of added el chupacabras to be roaming around mexico lol that would of been cool. but Bigfoot is awesome.

MGRogue20172885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Yay!! :D

I can't wait to shoot the F**ker down!

When I see him in the trees like: O.O

*BANG* *BANG* ... *BANG*

And then while I'm shooting, I'll be all like:

chilled2m2885d ago

Holy shit! what the hell is bigfoot doing during a zombie outbreak?!?
Thats simultaneously the most random and incredible addition to a game I've seen in awhile!

zoks3102885d ago

Yeah, kill him and skin him.

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