Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week: Bioshock 2 DLC

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"This week, the Xbox LIVE Gold Member’s can save on select Bio Shock 2 content:"

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gillri2969d ago

No Minerva's Den = FAIL

but to be honest its a steal at 800MSP, 400 MSP would have been ridiculous

guys go and buy Minerva's Den, its awesome!!!

imvix2969d ago

Lol MS deals suck compared to what Steam has going. Bioshock 2 the game itself was on sale on steam few weeks after launch 14usd.

BabyTownFrolics2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

i'm sure your off to spread your goodwill elsewhere

gillri2969d ago

errm ok I got Bioshock 2 on xbox 360 (retail copy) for £8.50 ($13)

whats your point?

Yi-Long2969d ago

... I'm never gonna buy this kind of DLC, not matter if it's discounted or not.

Just have discounted Arcade-games as a Deal of the Week again! I want Outrun for 400 pts. I want Limbo for max. 800pts. Etc.

gillri2969d ago

I waited a bit for LIMBO DOTW, but you could be waiting few more months

I decided to get cause of the free 800MSP after a 2400 spend, so it wouldnt work out much different

I shouldnt have just got Limbo day one

Yi-Long2969d ago

... so I can wait.

I think many new Arcade games are overpriced at 1200 pts. Some are worth it. Most aren't. In those cases I can just wait, and hopefully I'll still be interested in them once they get a discount.

militant072969d ago

i had 250 points laying around from the some time. so i bought the trail thing dlc.