Ubisoft coy on Assassin's Creed 3 2011 date

Ubisoft remains non-committal on reports that Assassin's Creed 3 will not be released in 2011.

This summer, Ubisoft associate producer Jean-Francois Boivin claimed the series' third outing will abandon the two-year release cycle and skip 2011, in order to give it a "breather".

Speaking to CVG, however, senior international brand manager Eric Gallant called the comments "personal opinion" - while keeping quiet on whether or not the statement's actually true.

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Lucreto2885d ago

I thought they said it would be 2012 for the game but if there is another game I would be happy it is one of my favourite games this gen.

tacosRcool2885d ago

Don't they know 2012 is the end of the world? So they should release it earlier!

MostJadedGamer2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Lucreto the Associate Producer said that, and he just got smack down by the Senior International Brand Manager saying the Associate Producer is out of the loop, and the decisions are made with upper management above his head.

So basically the developers have no controle over the franchise.

erathaol2885d ago

Its not uncommon to loose control of your franchise, especially if its successful.

maxcer2885d ago

wait, so AC:Brotherhood isn't a true sequel?

Thecraft19892885d ago

No its just pointless cashin to the next one comes out.

Hades13372885d ago

How is it pointless? It carries on the main story, and it has a unique multiplayer mode.

Eamon2885d ago

Would you rather have them rename it as Assassin's Creed III just so you don't think it's a pointless cashin.

Because, apart from the title of the game, it's a direct sequel.

MetalGearBear 2885d ago

AC3 and Bioshock Infinte are great game in 2012.
just wonder, there another good games in 2012? just tell me.

Silentmerc3nary2885d ago

It's should be 2012, as that's the year the Assassin's Creed Trilogy takes place..

Eamon2885d ago

That's what I presumed as well.

Nate-Dog2885d ago

I just hope Ubi don't go spilling the beans on ACIII until a fair amount of time has elapsed on ACB's release.