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cyborg2889d ago

"The best game of 2010 gets even better"

MS and their play of

Paradicia2889d ago

Bungie made this trailer, not Microsoft.

Arnon2889d ago

Anchor 9 looks absolutely fantastic.

JokesOnYou2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

That space map looks insane, the others look kickazz too, OMG I need this map pack. Reach is so fcking sweet.


despair2889d ago

Space map reminds me of the Skyscraper map in Unreal Tournament. I just don't like the idea of only 3 maps, but they look good none the less.

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EvilBlackCat2889d ago


and all halo hater faces are all RED and about to burst!

The Meerkat2889d ago

I wish I only had a PS3.
Because then I wouldn't have the impossible task of choosing between playing Reach or Black Ops.

Bluemaster772889d ago

Didnt like the first one too much but the other two scream mayhem !

theonlylolking2889d ago

3 new maps for 800msp? I heard MW2's map packs are cheap.

Only someone who has yet to play the greater games of this year would think this game is the best.

Xx Ziyad xX2889d ago

MW2 4 MAP DLC about 1200 not just like that half of them is old

theonlylolking2889d ago

The games should have 3 maps for 500msp. Halo map packs are expensive and MW2's are.

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The story is too old to be commented.