How NOT to Celebrate Mario's Birthday

Sorry, dude. You deserved better. A great birthday party was planned, but things just didn't go as expected. Customer service is VERY important, and this is one of the reasons why.

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djcitizend2974d ago

Yeah... it's for that very reason I try to avoid gamestop whenever I can. Most of the people in there have a fanboy stick shoved so far up their ass...

retrovertigo2974d ago

When you're by yourself a bad customer experience can be pretty monumental, but when additional people are involved (especially your kids) it's beyond frustrating. I sympathize with ya. It's times like these when stories like GameStop need to have some more socially-outgoing "party planning" people on-hand to help run these events. Maybe it's even better have Nintendo-picked people come in and help run them.

solidsnake2222973d ago

Yeah, GameStop is just terrible in most every way. No way to dodge that fact.

RyanDJ2973d ago

I love my local guys, and don't have a beef with the company as a whole. Perhaps I have a good crew here. I was just saddened and frustrated at the effort we put in for nothing. On a side note, I have a scheduled call for this evening with the manager down there...perhaps there will be a happy ending article for me to write!

RyanDJ2971d ago

For any who might come back and read this, there's been an ending to the trial; I posted it as a comment. Click on back in and check it out.