Nintendo Has More Than 65.3 Million Wii Remote Controllers in U.S. Players' Hands

Nintendo has released some stats and information about how much their Wii controllers have sold.

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FlyWestbrook2825d ago

I added to those sales, I already bought 2 more controllers than I had to because some of might broke.

DeathGazer2825d ago

I bought two as well.

Haven't touched them in months.

Seferoth752824d ago

Poor moronic troll. Too bad you people that claim that have nothing to back it up. You claim nobody uses it but it still blows PS3 software sales away month after month. Kinda obvious which console really isnt getting used at all.

-Mezzo-2825d ago

Damn, Money, Money,Money,Money. Mooooooney, Money.

eagle212825d ago

I'll be getting a Wii Remote Plus for Skyward Sword. They said they sell 46,000 Wii Remotes daily in the :)

Mahr2824d ago

And actual sales instead of shipped numbers -- ice burn.