FIFA 08 - New Images

EA has released 8 new images showing off more of FIFA 08, the forthcoming installment of their popular series of football video games. For the first time ever, fans playing FIFA 08 will face the pressure to improve their game that real-world players endure every day.

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lethalpennywise4074d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game!

TheBrit4074d ago

Excellent looking under the stadium lights.
I'm just hoping the 360 version gets the 5 v's 5 online.
wonder how long after it launches that we have to wait for tht code to be implemented.

I read it wont be possible until after launch - maybe Fifa09 LOL

lethalpennywise4074d ago

I heard a couple of weeks and it will be on both consoles.

MaximusPrime4074d ago

looks good but the question is will FIFA 08 be better than PES 08?

i say PES 08

oliveira3114074d ago

I really hope Fifa doesn't disappoint this year like it did last. I bought Fifa only to push it aside in favor of PES (which I am still playing). EA does a good job of pursuading us that they have improved the game when in fact nothing changes.

If it weren't for NHL 93-95 I would be apt lose all faith in EA.

Show us the goods!