Paramount Deal: Consumers Lose

If you are heading out to your local movie retailer today, keep on eye out for a Blu-ray copy of 'Blades of Glory' as a few copies have reportedly made it to store shelves. If you find a copy, you will have the opportunity to own a prime example of how the recent Paramount deal hasn't hurt just Blu-ray consumers, but all high definition consumers.

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RadientFlux4127d ago

Consumers just don't care, expect the DVD version out sell the HD-DVD version by more then 10 to 1

Anyways another bias opinion from a PR website. I wonder if consumers lose if a movie only comes out on Blu-Ray

emaddox844127d ago

They say consumers "lose" because Blu-ray has outsold HD-DVD equivalents in almost every case by about a 2:1 ratio. Denying this choice by consumers means that the consumers lose by not getting their favored format.

carlman234127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Think about what you're saying... Wouldn't it be best if there were no exclusive studios and consumers could just chose what they want?

LoydX-mas4127d ago

If you really want these titles on high-def, then just buy an HD-DVD player:)

That's what all the Blu-ray guys have been saying to HD-DVD fans for months now.

cain1414127d ago

And if you look at the overall marketshare, that means nothing...

DVD is the prefered format by far...

The high def formats are just getting started, you can't make a public judgement yet...

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SmokeyMcBear4127d ago

consumers don't lose by getting second rate quality?

peksi4127d ago

Consumers should have both formats available to choose from. This BR / HD-DVD camp thing is just crap.

heroman7114127d ago

apparently evrything is a competition in the world now

cdzie14127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

How dare HD DVD play by the same rules that the BDA does! It’s not fair!

When starts making a fuss about how Disney, Fox, etc... don’t publish on HD DVD, then they have a right to complain about Paramount not publishing on Blu-ray.

SmokeyMcBear4127d ago

its not the fact they are playing by the same rules.. its the fact that they are putting second rate quality into the disc, and not offering the best audio of the movie. I would have no problem if the hd dvd disc would have the same uncompressed audio offered in the disc.. but it doesnt, and the hd dvd purchasers are losing out on the best quality available.. but i guess your fandom makes you happy about that.

crck4127d ago

The difference is Disney and Fox NEVER said they were going to support HDDVD. Buyers of HDDVD knew that going in. Paramount stripped support of blu-ray overnight after stating support for the format. There is a difference but you're probably too much of a sore loser to notice it.

cdzie14127d ago

All of the reviews I’ve read give the audio very high marks. The disc uses Dolby Digital Plus, which is 3 times the bit size as normal DVD quality Dolby Digital, they act like it’s coming out in mono for crying out loud!

Just like Blu-ray discs, not all HD DVDs have or need lossless audio. It’s not that big a deal.

SlappyMcTaint4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Do you even have HD-DVD? Or are you just a lemming rooting for them because Microsoft backs them?

If you actually knew anything about both formats, you'd know Blu-Ray is the superior product.

Lemming. Lemming.

EDIT: I must be speaking the truth, since there are 2 disagrees. LOL

Kholinar4127d ago

crck "Buyers of HDDVD knew that going in."

Ummm... no, I doubt that most did. Most hddvd buyers and blu-ray buyers just see a new toy to purchase. I really doubt they spent an hour a day on tech sites. At most they listened to their salesman at Best Buy.

"If you actually knew anything about both formats, you'd know Blu-Ray is the superior product.

Lemming. Lemming."

It all depends on your values. For some people a reduction in sound quality is less important a price decrease. Assuming that everyone else has the same priorities is a lemming-like quality, but I won't say that because it's pretty trollish to call someone a lemming just because you disagree.

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