MyInsideGamer Review | Start the Party!

I didn’t have high hopes for this game, mainly because it looked like a childish party game … and a bad one at that. It didn’t exactly excite me when approaching release, and I most certainly wasn’t having trouble containing myself when booting up the game for the first time. Fortunately, I was wrong and this game is one of the better Move launch titles.

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ComboBreaker2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Great game though.

jinofthesheep2970d ago

not being a girl does make the latter a bit unlikely =P

good game indeed though, but it really is only a game that can be played with other people there...

krouse932970d ago

Start The Party, is a great party game. I don't know the last time I had so much fun playing a game with a group of people that wasn't Rockband.

jinofthesheep2970d ago

brlliant game in that respect. does exactly what wii sports/wario did for the wii, so putting Move on the right path to some success.