Videogamer: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

Videogamer: "The Nine-tailed Fox is a force comparable to a natural disaster. A single swipe of one of its tails can flatten mountains and reduce entire towns to smouldering piles of rubble. This is the same power lurking inside Naruto Uzamaki, a zealous young ninja who had the beast sealed away inside him when he was a baby. Although this made him the outcast of Konoha village, the demon grants Naruto frightening powers which manifest themselves whenever the young ninja gets particularly riled up. This is the premise for an anime spanning 400-odd episodes and the most popular Manga series in the UK. Subsequently, there's a huge audience for Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, and a lot of people - including myself - have particularly high hopes for the game."

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Xof2973d ago

...When you can immediately discern the average score given to a game without knowing anything but the title.

Remember when games used to surprisingly good? These days, it seems like it's only ever a surprise if a game is surprisingly bad.