PAX 07: Far Cry 2 Impressions and Interview

Ubisoft Montreal gave its first public showing of the pre-alpha build for its first-person-shooter Far Cry 2, currently in development for PC only, at PAX 07. Taking over development of the series from the Crytek, creator of the original Far Cry on PC, Ubisoft Montreal will now have to compete with the German developer when Crytek's Crysis launches in November. That's a massively daunting shadow to be working under, but based on the looks of this early build, Ubisoft Montreal is taking the challenge on full-bore.

Highlights of the interview:
- Far Cry 2's new game engine
- details on the non-linear campaign
- info on building relationships with NPCs
- mod community support
- Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking's thoughts on Crysis and how Far Cry 2 is similar to BioShock (but actually more like Fallout 2)

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ShiftyLookingCow4131d ago

change of direction from original Far Cry is sounding better the more I read about it.