Facebook, Adobe, Disney, Sony — Apple takeover rumors ignite

Financial wires are reporting that market speculation now claims Apple could be on the verge of acquiring Adobe Systems, Sony or even Walt Disney!

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movements2973d ago

Whoa, that would not be good. Not Sony, stay away Apple!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2973d ago

This is nothing but a ploy to manipulate stock prices. Don't worry kiddies uncle Steve has other plans. I can't say more else for the fear that uncle steve will dispatch Ninjas to hunt me down and kill me dead.

TOO PAWNED2973d ago

To acquire Sony is unrealistic. If they want TV line up they can go else where and acquire someone cheaper. Playstation division isn't making profit atm, so i doubt thats what they want. Everything else they got covered.

Apple could acquire Disney, that seem more reasonable due to Job having large ammount of shareholders in that company, plus they would get their hands on many great IPs.

inveni02973d ago

The only company I could see Apple acquiring would be Adobe because it is the competition to Mac's software lineup. They could scrap Flash and get revenue shares from Photoshop, Premier, Lightroom, etc. But they'll never buy Sony (that's just stupid to even think about), and Disney would never allow such a thing, either.

sikbeta2973d ago

Isn't SONY as a whole, a multi-Billionaire Corporation? or we're talking about some Divisions separately, like Bravia, PlayStation and so on, Sony is part of the Big 5 in the Music Industry alone, also SPE = Columbia, Tristar, Screen Gems are Huge in the Movie Industry.... Idk....

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2973d ago

Apple has enough reserves to buy Adobe and Sony's PS3 division without problem... believe that.

CimmerianDrake2972d ago

Playstation division isn't making profit atm?

You're kidding right? Yeah, you must be. No one actually believes that.

InfectedDK2972d ago

I don't believe it's Adobe Systems, Sony nor Walt Disney.
Apple taking over Sony sounds redicoulous. I don't even believe that Apple has that much moolahs at all.

nickjkl2972d ago

this is the dumbest article ever

APPLE would have to buy the majority of sonys stock in order for them to take over sony

i doubt that will happen because sony in this situation is the larger company

AtatakaiSamurai2972d ago

ahh the internet. where bs can have validity no matter how ridiculous. lol

gaffyh2972d ago

Apple cannot afford to acquire Sony, the company is way too big, and the Apple shareholders would take a major hit. Adobe seems possible.

drdistracto7072972d ago

well, a takeover is impossible, Sony is way too big

but a merger could happen easily, and i think everyone would benefit

get the genius marketing and user experience expertise of APPLE and add it to the incredible list of assets owned by SONY and you have a winning combination

ps: i would get osx on a vaio over windows anyday

darkknight09962972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

SONY Corp is the world's fifth largest media conglomerate with revenue exceeding $77.20 billion U.S.
and SONY Computer Entertainment (SONY PS3) is company not a division in SONY ( the other companies are Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Ericsson, and Sony Financial, and all of these companies form SONY corp ).
their is no way that Appel can takeover SONY or even SCE.
dose the one who wrote this title know what is he writing or what is he implying?

Dee_912972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

how can apple buy sony when sony is bigger than apple ?
unless they are talking about a division from sony like their vaios ot tvs

Danteh2972d ago

Ummm can anybody tell me how Apple could buy Sony?

I mean yeah Apple is incredibly powerful but Sony is like one of the biggest companies on Earth with its Playstation, Bravia and Sony Music divisions...

N4Great2972d ago

"Playstation division isn't making profit atm, so i doubt thats what they want. Everything else they got covered. "

say the misinformed xbox fanboy.

darx2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I believe Sony's market cap (value) is at about 35 billion and Apple has about 51 billion to spend.

CimmerianDrake2972d ago

Wow 14 Xbox Fanboys think Sony is still in the red. I guess Google doesn't exist for them or they would be able to look this stuff up.

ComboBreaker2972d ago

Disney? Impossible too.

Adobe? Yea. That's possible.

AndrewRyan2972d ago

With Adobe on Apple's side, flash support would be inevitable. Including many other options Mac users do not have.

hikayu2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

apple acquiring any of the above mention company is unrealistic , even adobe . adobe is a strong company that is making profit every year , they'll never allow that to happen . plus , it's not about Apple wants Flash's support , it's that Apple DONT want Flash . adobe tried to work with apple before , but Steve's minions refused to .
why would apple want to acquire disney ? what would they achieve ? nothing ! apple and disney have nothing to benefit one another , it's like you're telling BP to go buy Google ... why ?
and i believe that Sony is WAAYY bigger than Apple . Sony could even buy Apple if they want to ( and have the bawls + lawyers to because a massive monopoly law suit will hit'em like a ton of brick ) . i believe that almost all division in Sony is still making profit or at least surviving right now .

KurdGamer2972d ago

SONY is to expensive for apple to by out same with walk Disney. btw every PS3 sold is making money for SONY. idk how the play station division is not making money.

DORMIN2972d ago

Fail article is fail.

Adobe is the only believable one, does the writer not realize Sony and Disney are HUGE companies in all practically all forms of media?

N4g_null2972d ago

Imagine what sony and apple could do if sony made an extention to the iphone? With the touch screen being a set piece in a cradle that has gasp dual analogs. Hey it wonthappen apple wouldnt fold to sonys decision and it would be nintendo and sony all over again.

Steve does have other plans and its hard to tell what they are but its clear he hates adobe and flash. Well just flash yet I cant blame him.

westy5522972d ago

I hope thats the case because if Apple buy sony im going to get my an xbox.

SkyGamer2972d ago

I don't know about Facebook as MS owns a big share of facebook. I also doubt about Adobe as they make majority of their money on PC's. sony seems unlikely as well.

308 dollars a share
283 bil market cap

34 dollars a share
34 billion market share

All a company needs to do is own 50.1 percent majority shares to have control of a said company.

Plus MS bought 150 Million of Apple stock back in 97. So Microsoft owns a big chunk of Apple.

The Lazy One2972d ago

Apple's market cap is high, but Sony would never sell for it's current market cap.

There's so many factors that go into the actual selling price of a company. You don't get to buy a company at it's current price. I forge the exact number, but when you purchase more than a certain percentage of a company you have to announce it before you do it, and apple would probably end up having to put up the majority of apple to get enough money to buy sony.

They'd be better off just investing the money in themselves.

walt disney is more possible, but why would walt disney (one of the biggest media corporations in the world) want to sell? They'd probably end up having to pay way more than walt disney is worth to buy them as well.

BattleAxe2972d ago

Microsoft stock is crashing at the moment, so theres where I would put my money.

Rush2972d ago

Are you such an epic retard that you honestly believe of all people Apple would buy out Microsoft?

Hitler has more chance of rising from the grave and becoming a Jewish preacher then Apple buying out Microsoft.

Apple any Sony share a lot of ideals both make quality hardware, both have invested interest in the latest tech.

Both have good mobile divisions both offer hand-held media.

What on earth would Apple want with Windows? What could Apple possibly do with Windows? Why would Apple want Microsoft's Media Division that has spent it's entire existence taking the piss out of apple?

I mean Dam I get it PS3 fanboy trying to make a point but at least think about what your typing you fucking tard.

BattleAxe2972d ago


Its nothing personal, its just business.

RedDragan2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

"Apple could acquire Disney, that seem more reasonable due to Job having large ammount of shareholders in that company, plus they would get their hands on many great IPs."

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and just to hit home the effect.... wrong.

Companies like Disney buy companies like Apple Inc. It doesn't work the other way around. Apple Inc. needs to grow considerably to be in position to even consider making a bid to buy Disney.

Disney are a much bigger, and much more powerful business entity than Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs might be the largest shareholder, but at owning 7%, he is very, very, very far off being able to do what he wants. He is easily out voted on decisions by the other shareholders and if he starts to annoy the other shareholder, he will be booted off the board of directors in less than 24hrs.

Like another other shareholder, Steve Jobs' influence in Disney is limited by the majority, and for Steve Jobs the majority is 93%!!! His power is next to non-existent in the grand scheme of Disney.

Disney can buy Apple Inc. tomorrow. Apple Inc. couldn't buy Disney by 2020 as current trends go!

Also... for other comments here. Sony is 3 times bigger than Apple and Sony is growing despite losses, their equity and assets are rocketing up. Apple are much smaller than Disney and Sony, but they could buy Adobe and Faceboook.

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militant072973d ago

not as if they can afford sony... silly article

cleanhealthy122972d ago

www. +Apple


AndrewRyan2972d ago

Apple in theory could "eat" Sony.

stevenhiggster2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Some people just don't understand how these things work. Apple may have recently had a hell of a lot more revenue than Sony but I can assure you that Sony are worth a hell of a lot more than Apple could ever afford.
Sorry to burst your bubble AndrewRyan but Apple could not buy Sony, thats to suggest that Sony shareholders would even sell!?

King-Leonidas2972d ago

im pretty sure you can't aquire a company that has over 20% share of the market.

jerethdagryphon2972d ago

from wiki on sony value

Internet service
Revenue ▼ ¥7.214 trillion / $77.205 billion (2010)[3]
Operating income ▲ ¥31.8 billion / $342 million (2010)[3]
Net income ▲ −¥40.8 billion / −$437 million (2010)[3]
Total assets ▲ ¥11.22 trillion / $137.694 billion (2010)[4]
Total equity ▲ ¥2.77 trillion / $31.741 billion (2010)[4]
Employees 167,900 (as of March 2010)[1]

and apple (its out of date

Revenue ▲ $42.91 billion (2009)[4]
Operating income ▲ $11.74 billion (2009)[5]
Profit ▲ $8.24 billion (2009)[5]
Total assets ▲ $47.50 billion (2009)[4]
Total equity ▲ $31.64 billion (2009)[4]
Employees 34,300 (2009)[6]

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TOSgamer2973d ago

I doubt Apple would even want all of Sony. Maybe just their games and movie division. And it is very unlikely that Sony would chop themselves up like that unless Apple was willing to offer a huge premium. A merger with Disney would sound like a much better idea out of those 3 companies. Apple would get the media content they need to help push their overpriced sh!t.

sikbeta2972d ago

Sony Pictures Entertainment is Huge
Sony Music is Huge
Sony PlayStation is Huge (line-up + IPs + 20 Studios)

lightningsax2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Dudes, seriously. They wouldn't buy an entire one of these companies, but buying one of a company's subsidiaries is entirely possible. For example, look at the amount of subsidiary companies in just Disney's corporate overview: http://corporate.disney.go.... . And yeah, Apple couldn't even buy out ESPN, and Disney owns them, so no, Apple isn't buying the entirety of the Cthulhaic Disney conglomerate.

It's akin to (AOL lol) Time Warner selling off their cable subsidiary to someone who does it better. That's altogether possible.

Still, I couldn't see Apple buying the rights to Sony's e-reader stuff, as the iPad is dominating the market. Maybe they buy it out, shut out a competitor, and have a lock on any patents? Who knows. It wouldn't make any sense for Apple to take over Sony's games division, as it's giant, global, and complicated. Apple isn't big or experienced enough to handle it.

catguykyou2972d ago

I would argue that it is more likely Disney as Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Pixar, which is Disney's bread and butter. ( I know, surprised me too),

INehalemEXI2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

MS would hate that , and MS bailed Apple out back in the day. Crazy. Even though Apple is crazy rich atm, while it might almost be possible for them to acquire Sony it is 100% not likely.

TheLastGuardian2972d ago

Fuck apple. Stay far away from Sony.

King-Leonidas2972d ago

wait no! I want Sony first... damn you Steve.

Kaneda2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Disney and Sony would be wrong for Apple.

Sony is such a big a electronic company. I think it would be harder for Apple to manage it. Apple makes one great model and manage and improve that.

Apple is software and hardware company, not movies making company. So Disney no...

Adobe is maybe. Since Adobe is software company. It would be easier for them to take over Adobe and managing it.

Malice-Flare2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

by way of being half-owner of Pixar...

Also, Sony can be bought as it has a $35b market cap as opposed to Apple's $51b cash-on-hand...

Kaneda2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

They are two different companies. Jobs was CEO of Pixar before he returned to Apple. He ran both for awhile til Pixar was sold to Disney...

In term of business Disney doesn't make sense to Apple because it is a software and hardware company.

PS360fanboy2972d ago

Wow, great news for Sony! Nothing like a 52 billion dollar company to fill last year's 40.8 billion dollar debt hole...

morkendo232972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

buying SONY?? even DISNEY..disney just bought the GREATEST comic company in the WORLD MARVEL!! steve job must have 5 TRILLION DOLLARS.. HAAAAAAAAAA YFR (yeah,fking right) haaaaaa whooooooo that was a good one. that apple must have worms in it, smell like FLAMEBAIT!

popup2972d ago

If I was Steve... I would buy Sony, force Polyphony to release GT5 now and sell it back to them.

frostypants2972d ago

Apple couldn't afford Sony. Gimme a break.

kparks2972d ago

just what we need apple to do turn the playstation into the PIPPIN LMAO this is a bunch of BS

XxZxX2972d ago

you will see Japanese goverment intervene very fast.. If Apple really want to buy Sony.

SkylineR2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubbles kiddies, but Apple is worth more in revenue than Microsoft alone, so if you think Steve and Co. can't acquire Sony or Disney then you're in for a shock. Their Mac business alone is worth $22bil a year! Just 1 part, or 1/3 of where their revenue comes from. When was the last time you heard of Sony's Playstation business making that amount of profit? As a company, last time I read Sony was worth about $33bil which is the same as Nintendo. Apple could potentially buy both.

I seriously don't see them buying Sony though. Unless they mainly want a part of Sony Music...
Facebook seems a more logical purchase.

pr0digyZA2972d ago

Agreed, people (especially the teens on this site) need to catch a wake up and realize that apple is nearly the biggest company in the world.Sorry you got disagrees (Ill get some too :P)but people obviously don't understand how stock works in the business world.

jden282972d ago

Look for those of you that don't understand what a market cap is or share holder value...Sony "CAN" be bought and afforded by Apple or Microsoft, and I don't mean just a division I mean to whole company all divisions... Some of you non-busines class taking folks can use google but have no idea how to "INTERPERATE" the data. So let me give you a couple examples of how a smaller company can buy a larger one...Time/warner not the 5th largets it is "THE 2nd" largest media conglomerate was bought by AOL 10 years ago... AOL used its stock price which was way higher than Time/Warners to leverage the buyout... No revenue is important but profit is king and Apple and Microsoft have 'WAY" higher profit margins than Sony i.e they that being Apple and Microsoft have tens of billions in cash and High enough market caps to purchase Disney, Sony, Adobe, GM, Ford you name it if it isn't named wal-mart or they don't sell oil they can afford to buy it.

gameraxis2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

more likely to buy apple?.... their vaio desktop and laptop are doing great, so soon that will cover the people getting macs, since its a smaller target audience (for macs that is)... and sony has almost every other technology covered...except the phone space, but they still have a decent share in it, Ericson is getting better. Sony is HUGE, and I'm not saying this because of fanboyism... but remember those "apple machintosh" computers we all used in grade and middle school? (if ur around 25) well, since then sony has had hundreds if not thousands of different devices, tvs, walkman, gamming systems, etc... all I'm saying is that sony shot up covering all bases generally well where apple kinda did 2 things, the mac, and the line of ipod/pad/phone. so i don't think so... Now as far as adobe and the rest, i could see that happening, but companies like ge, microsoft,DISNEY??? yea ok! phillip morris, panasonic, (maybe)... arn't going to be strait out bought by apple... they might join to combine technologies but that's about it...

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ABizzel12973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Apple has money, but not nearly enough to buy Sony or Walt Disney.

They could definitely buy Adobe Studios comfortably, But Walt Disney and Sony are only a dream.

Monkey5212972d ago

I agree they wouldn't buy Disney, but they have a foot in the door. Since Steve Jobs is on the Board of Directors at Disney.


And the reason he is on the board, is because he is the largest individual shareholder of Disney which happened when Pixar was bought out by Disney.

Believe it or not, Steve Jobs has a lot of influence and could eventually create some kind of merger between the two.

HarryMonogenis2973d ago

I'm pretty sure that Apple won't be buying Disney. :S

SMW2973d ago

Is it even financially possible for Apple to aquire Sony? I know they have done well with the iGarbage range, but have they done THAT well?

maxcer2972d ago

well considering every douche and his dog have an iPad/iMac/iFucked these days i can see the apple name has grown by leaps and bounds.

coolstuff2973d ago

There's no chance of Apple acquiring Sony.

Cold 20002973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

There actually is a chance. You're just scared as hell thats all lol.

Anyways I dont like Apple because of their overpriced products and the fake a$$ "I got Apple so Im cooler than you" attitude that Apple followers have so I'd rather Sony stay independant.

Adva2973d ago

Lol Cold 2000 has reached the top level of stupidity.
Apple buying Sony? hahaha

ThatCanadianGuy2973d ago

LMAO oh cold..

Do you know how much assets Sony has and what there worth in total? 3X bigger than apples.Sure, apple is a profitable company, but can in NO way buy out Sony.Thinking there is even a chance is just foolish dream of a 360 fanboy.

bananlol2972d ago

Id say it would be cheper (and make much more sense) for them to try and acquire microsoft. Sony may not have as much capital as microsoft but they shure as hell have a lot more assets. Not that i would want any buyouts, apple made my favorite phone/portable media player, sony made my favourite console(nothing wrong with the 360 and wii, the ps3 just have more games i like) and microsoft made the best operative system ive ever used, windows 7.