iPad beats Kinect on Xmas wishlists

Apple products dominate kids' Christmas wishlists, according to research from battery firm Duracell.

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wat6342893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

those kids get a ton of money, almost enough to make me think were not in a recession.

BeAGamer2893d ago

you're rich enough Bill

Nihilism2893d ago

In other news Cabbage Patch dolls outsell 'Baby Born'....

who gives a flying F. Next.

PS360fanboy2893d ago

Those kids are they need a brother?=P

Fallout New Vegas and CoD: Black Ops beat Kinect in my wihlist...

Qui-Gon Jim2893d ago

I used to work retail, and I can say that no matter how the economy is, people still buy their kids Christmas presents. That's one place that people avoid cutting very much if they can help it.

That said, other people below are right. This is a "wish list" survey, not an "intent to buy" survey.

ct032893d ago

Kids wish for an ipad? Isn't the cheapest one around $550? Holy crap, and I thought *my* parents were generous when I was I kid.

Bigpappy2893d ago

That is why protables are such big sellers-- they can can take them anywhere and show them off. Some of them are even gamers. The only reason I could think of for a kid wanting to carry around an ipad.

Thats a no, no for my kids. one already has an over priced itouch.

vhero2893d ago

Well if they can afford ipads..

ComboBreaker2892d ago

said Kinect was going to beat iPad. Man, the bs Microsoft spiel.

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KratosGirI2893d ago

Kids are buying iPads now?!

Cloudberry2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


iPhones too?

Loaded parents for them I think. :p

Shadow Flare2893d ago

Well, it's a wishlist, not a reality list. They could wish for a Ferrari, doesn't mean they're gonna get it. Besides, it's not like theyre gonna wish for an apple

Wizziokid2893d ago

well some parents like to spoil there kids, personally I wouldn't want an iPad since i have the iPod touch and I don't want to look like a douche when I pull that thing out my bag.

KratosGirI2893d ago

I've seen someone pull one out of his pocket once. One of the advantages of wearing a Thobe is that you've got pockets so big you can fit a slim PS2 in there! (I've tried it and it works!)

murcielago42893d ago

some kid got his ass kick at my bro's school for showing off his ipad (stupid rich kids), i bet that little fucker will think twice b4 bringing a new one to school.

bananlol2893d ago

Violence is never the answer, however some brats can be really annoying, one should mail them to africa over the holidays or something.

Genecalypse2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Damn, Ipad hating or Kinect hating...

Im so conflicted my god...

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The story is too old to be commented.