Resistance overtime 'was killing’ Insomniac devs

Twenty-four month workload saw the studio 'cramming things out the door

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gamerzBEreal172971d ago

we still have awhile if i was sony i would give killzone 3 in 2010 are resistance 3 in 2010 ...u know what it will be really intresting to see what sells better

NoLongerHere2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


Let the developpers do what they want to do and polish their games. I don't care about sales, I just want the best possible games.

gamerzBEreal172971d ago

lol whoever would disagree with you does not belong here i agree i want a polished game but a year?

Red_Orange_Juice2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

wait a sec, you mean fanboys clicking Disagree "just because" do not belong here?

AKS2971d ago

I could tell they bit off more than they could chew with Resistance 2 and have said so on numerous occasions. I have been saying for quite some time that they need more time to make a AAA shooter with a significant online component. When R2 was announced to have 2 campaign modes and a robust online component, I expected it to be delayed, as they appeared to be focused on trying to make a Halo caliber game in half the time. It was the campaign that seemed to be weak by IG standards. It didn't seem to have the planning and care I'd associate with an IG title, especially with all of the obvious invisible walls and 1-hit deaths should you deviate from the path. It felt like it was almost on rails the way it spoonfed you the weapons for each situation, especially situations that required the shotgun. IG is better than that.

I'm glad to hear that they are getting the extra time needed to complete a massive project like a Resistance game. Hopefully R3 will be the game they intended R2 to be.

NYC_Gamer2971d ago

so just rush out both games?that would be foolish..

mastiffchild2971d ago

I've often stated my belief that BOTH FoM(for PS3 launch) and R2(to accommodate KZ2)were rushed out by Insomniac and Sony's behest and lacked polish as a direct result-esp R2. I also r4ead that the teams for Ratchet and Resistance augmented each other-so whichever was nearer to release would have more of the workforce at their disposal-until they opened the new studio and got longer to make their games. There was just too much pressure in terms of time and manpower for Insomniac to make Resistance shine like Ratchet does.

They managed, imho, to keep the Ratchet games at such high quality because they are so familiar and confident in that IP and it's universe whereas making a AAA FPS was a new thing for them and was always where the time limits would bite hardest even without extra demands from Sony and fans.

Naturally, a lot of what I say here is supposition but to me it all fits pretty well with the evidence we get in game form and what they say here kind of supports it too. Anyway, this time round it really looks like Resistance will get it's(and Insom theirs too) chance to shine fully and with Ted and Co seemingly listening to the fans about what we think a new Resistance should be I'#d put the house on R3 being a great, great game. The ingredients for greatness were always there(great premise and great, imaginative developer with amazing support from Sony and their first party teams)and now they have the chance to finally buff one of the Reistance games to the same kind of sheen other devs do with their prize shooters and I don't imagine we'll be let down-they just asked too much of themselves with past titles-and even then both FoM and R2 had some amazing moments.

SMW2971d ago

Well i just re-purchased Resistance 2, and Im near the end of it again.

Even though it lacks certain things (WEAPON WHEEL!!!!!) it is still a tremendous game. The thing I really like is that it took them a year to release a really polished and full featured game that looks stunning, and you CANT finish it in a 5 hour sitting. CoD, MoH, Im looking in your direction!

I hope that Insomniac realise that some consumers really do appreciate the value they cram into their games. I've logged what feels like ten or so hours in ACiT, and have barely touched the surface...

thief2971d ago

Most under-rated and hard-working developers in the industry imho. Insomniac put bigger games to shame - grpahics as good as those in CoD / MoH, if not quite as good as the best PS3 exclusives (that should change when thye go from 60fps to 30), the gameplay is always solid, hardly any glitches or bugs, always pack a lot of gameplay(no 4-hour campaigns), and contrary to the bad-mouthing by the critics, they always manage to find time for something new in their games, whether its the 8-player co-op in R2 or the time-control gaming mechanics in ACiT. I really hope Resistance 3 is successful because no other developer deserves it more.

frankymv2971d ago

So this is the reason Resistance 2 sucked?

bananlol2971d ago

Only game that i bought day one that year, and i was quite satesfied with my purchase.

pixelsword2971d ago

I hope the extra year means 1080p and 60fps.

bananlol2971d ago

720p 60fps is more realistic, but one can dream.

hesido2971d ago

Insomniac no longer cares about 60fps. They declared they would not push for 60fps. Resistances were 30fps anyway, but Ratchet & Clank Tools Of Destruction was 60fps, was real smooth and beautiful to look at.. The latest Ratchet couldn't sustain 60fps in lots of places.. And then came their new design philosophy:


bananlol2971d ago

Heard about that, so sad... well at least i got me the ps2 collections, sotc in 60 fps...nice.

AKS2971d ago

It won't mean either; I'm quite sure R3 will be at 720p and 30 fps. BTW, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 also happen to be at 720p and 30 fps. They seemed to turn out pretty well visually at those specs.

Resolution is VASTLY overrated. It's important, but added detail and effects can actually have a more significant impact on the way it looks and performs. Have you ever seen Crysis at 720p with Very High settings and high AA? 720p can look quite good, and most console games perform best at that resolution.

mastiffchild2971d ago

Screen size is a big factor in this as far as I'm concerned. I've no need for glasses or anything but I still really struggle to see a decent difference between 720p and 1080p on screens under 40" or so. That's without even thinking about whether console games mainly operate best at 720 anyway-there's NO ONE in the world, though who could pick the difference between Crysis in 720 and 1080 on my PC monitor, I promise you that both look amazing and identical to the human eye.

Sometimes people just listen to the BS they get told when being sold TVs and monitors and don't trust the evidence of their own eyes-the only thing I ever go by because I tend to play games and watch TV WITH my OWN eyes!! But, yeh, no reason games can't look good in 720p anyway as some you mentioned proved, all PC snobbiness aside.

hesido2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I agree with your resolution comment. Imagine a game that looked as good as a 720p movie. Would I look for a 1080p experience? No..

A proper anti alias would be needed, tho. The lesser the resolution, the more need for anti-alias. (A movie, since it is transferred from a medium with high frequency information, translates awesomely, even at SD resolutions. Some DVD's are mastered so good that from 3 meters on a 32 inch screen, you don't feel the need of an HD version.)

SMW2971d ago

Maybe if N4G had stayed in beta the fanboys and trolls could have been ironed out O_o

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