Gore Is Less: Videogames Make Better Horror Than Hollywood

Wired author Clive Thompson has up an article stating that, with today's jaded audiences, videogames are more effective horror-conveyances than movies:

"Yet here's the thing: For several years now, I've found that my favorite horror experiences aren't coming from movies any more. They're coming from games.

Why? Partly it's because films have become much less artistically interesting. With a choice few exceptions -- like the superb The Ring -- I've found that modern horror movies have been offering less and less suspense, and more and more gore. Maybe it's due to the rampaging success of Saw, which gave birth to the current trend toward torture-chic and metric tonnage of blood in scary movies."

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MK_Red3979d ago

I don't think original Saw was a bad film but it did create a wave of gore based movies that almost have no scary moment.

In the gaming business, we have our own share of bloody games, from Silent Hill to Resident Evil.

monkey6023979d ago

WOOOO! resident evil! haha

The BS Police3979d ago

In fact the greatest horro movies are over 20 years old for example, John Carpenters Halloween gave birth to the 80's slasher movement, and Halloween was alot more succesfull due to suspense and no gore.

Basicly in halloween you got the felling that the killer could be anwhere, and you found yourself scanning the screen looking for him, and in Videogames that is what we now see.

We look allover the place just to find this one enemy that could be hidding someplace waiting to ambush you.

Frances-the-Mute3979d ago

really great horror film out, they're just filled with tortured sodomized corpses and dismembered slut flooded with blood.....btw The Suffering was pretty chilly

jay33979d ago

I've stood by this theory ever since this argument was raised, and my argument is...

With movies, if something scary is going to happen, most people will cover they're eyes and ears or whatever. With a videogame, you can't do that. You're controlling the character, you have to go through it just like the character with no closing your eyes or covering your ears, because you have to push the buttons. The game can do whatever it wants to mess with you, and you can't just skip past it.

I had a moment today playing Bioshock (I'm not that far into it) where i was more scared than i have been with any movie (That's not saying much, bear in mind) It was that part in the big garden, i turned a corner and one of those disappearing splicers was there, and as expected, disappeared. Behind him was a desk with the same kind of mask he was wearing on it (One made of twigs and stuff) i walk up to it, once done inspecting, i look up, and see the shadow of a man standing there, obviously wearing a twig mask from the eerie outline of his head. I just thought "That's not my shadow, is it?".

I turned around and whacked him to death with my wrench but needless to say, that was scary. The awesome kind of scary.

Bioshock rules kthxbye