PS3 CHART: Red Dead Redemption makes a comeback

This week's official UK UKIE/GfK-ChartTrack PS3 chart is sure to go down well at Rockstar HQ.

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EeJLP-2976d ago

I haven't picked this game up yet, but it's definitely high on my list. I'm just waiting for it to hit the price point I'm willing to pay.

ThatsGaming2976d ago

This is because the PS3 has no new exclusives except the Move titles for this holiday season. Funny how everyone was slagging 360 for not catering to the core gamers this holiday, but it ended up that Sony is completely ignoring the core gamer this holiday.

So gamers are flocking to the multi-platform holiday games and games that were released earlier in the year. Expect NFS and Assassin's Creed to get better sales on PS3 then 360. Also, CoD BO will get a boost over MW2 but won't be able to beat 360 sales.

The DelayStation 3 continues... GT5 is sure to be delayed to the new year. Sony is simply practicing their marketing of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to try and freeze consumer spending into the new year.

liuping2976d ago

Interesting theory, except that Red Dead Redemption is up the exact same 6 places to #9 for the 360 as well...

ThatsGaming2976d ago

Good Point.

Guess it is just a good game that is getting a second bump for the holidays.

But, I still believe that the sales of these games will be stronger this holiday because of the GT5 delay... People want to put something under the Christmas tree, since GT5 is not there, they will put something that is instead.