Resolution: Sonic 4 Episode 1 review

Resolution's Jennifer Allen writes: It's been a long time coming for Sonic fans. Sure, Sonic Rush on the DS was an enjoyable game but for a long time, Sonic fans were floundering, unable to rely on their dearly beloved hedgehog. While Mario made the tremendous leap to 3D without a hitch, Sonic faltered. Just look at Sonic Unleashed or Sonic the Hedgehog. Try not to shudder while you do. Face it, we all stuck with the compilations of old to fulfil our Sonic fix, yet the yearning for a ‘proper’ Sonic game was still there.

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EeJLP-2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I don't like the animations, art, and slowness.

Why couldn't they just make it like 1-3 & Knuckles like people wanted. Is it that difficult?

Make it like 1-3 & Knuckles.. except in 1080p. Without the targeting, without the dust when running, without the blue blur when rolling.

Sonic 4 looks like it's still somewhat decent, but everything seems 'off'. The environments, the character model, the animations, the 'target dash / Homing Attack' or whatever that's called, etc. seem too out of place to me personally.

Stopping dead in your tracks in mid-air doesn't help much either.

VandimionX2974d ago

All people complaining about the game being slow are simply just bad at the game, and don't bother to learn the new mechanics. Sonic has SO many options to get to full speed in sonic 4 and it's a MUCH faster game than the originals, with only Sonic CD coming close.

Go check out time attack runs on youtube of act 1 for proof.

STiRacer2973d ago

thats the part i had the most problem with.