Gran Turismo 5: Rome Loading Times, New Gameplay Footage

A new video shows some gameplay footage and the loading times of Rome in Gran Turismo 5.

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despair2947d ago

thanks for the link, about 30-35 secs loading, I wonder if this is with the 10 gig dump on the HDD or not, I'm ok with that its not bad.

Perkel2947d ago

more like 22-25 counting

despair2947d ago

yea watched it again, bad math on the timer on my part lol.

RedDragan2947d ago

Thats pretty past to be honest! The colloseum looks amazing!

acky12947d ago

Starts loading at 30s and finishes on the minute does it not? 30s.

FordGTGuy2947d ago

Screen turns black at 0:27s Loading Screen ends at 1:00 or 33s total from the time he hit the button to the time the race came up.

pixelsword2947d ago

I would say around 20's to early 30's but either way, it's fast and what game loads that fast that's going to look as good as this game?

Theonik2947d ago

About the average load time for a current gen game.
Pretty good. I guess Kotaku is scratching their heads now.

FordGTGuy2947d ago

It takes about the same amount of time for Forza 3 to load the largest race track in the game.

Check the video.

In other words, for anyone who has played Forza 3 this shouldn't be surprising.

jetlian2947d ago

35 secs image and 50 secs to actually start driving

jetlian2946d ago

25 second mark and its not til 1.03 that you see and hear the cars. And still you have to wait til 1.16 seconds to start driving.

ExplosionSauce2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

31 seconds.

1.16 seconds do not count as loading time.

jetlian2946d ago

25- 1.03 not 38 secs and still have to wait before 13 more seconds to actually play?! are you retarded?

ExplosionSauce2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The rest doesn't really count. It's the pre-race menu plus a 2 second black screen.

The topic was "loading times" not "how long you have to wait to actually play, boohoo".
So please refrain from insults, k thanks.

jetlian2946d ago

is loading. doesn't matter if you see something or not and the pre screen goes black which is another load.

ExplosionSauce2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Ok, 35 + 2 = 37 (total)

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LukaX232947d ago

Okay N4G mods... seriously.... ban this site from posting things on here because it's not even their content.

If you're traffic-hungry then don't worry, you'll get your pathetic hits even if it is linked to youtube.

MaximusPrime2947d ago

i havent clicked on german site because i dont want to.

i just clicked on youtube link or an embedded video

hennessey862947d ago

im sure the load times will improve once you have installed the game

Lou-Cipher2947d ago

This video isn't from Kotaku is it? ;)

despair2947d ago

LMAO bubbles + for that one.

INehalemEXI2947d ago

purrs and whines pretty good sound.

pixelsword2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Forza is so screwed.


The load times are similar, but the tracks and the car quality will be a much higher caliber than Forza.

and this is a complete download to the HDD for the 360. Granted, GT5 may be on the HDD as well, but it won't be a complete install so this even justifies what people said about the Blu-Ray drive being overall faster than a regular hard drive.

hennessey862946d ago

Forza has already been out for a year so gt5 wont affect and cant affect that games sales, so forza isnt screwed my friend

AKS2947d ago

Looks awesome. Well worth waiting ~30 sec.

Downtown boogey2947d ago

I will NOT wait for more than 23 seconds and if a track hasn't loaded in that time I'll just turn off the console ASAP!

AKS2946d ago

Most N4G posters have broken sarcasm detectors.

I'm generally avoid load times at all costs, installing everything I can (and I'll be doing the 10 GB install with GT5 for sure), but it's nice to see how incredible this game looks. I can see why it takes some time to load those gorgeous visuals. Load times are much easier for me to tolerable if it looks like there was a clear reason for them.

despair2946d ago

wow people really need to learn sarcasm, 7 disagrees lol.

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