El33tonline Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Marlon writes:

"Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is a reinvigorating breath of yesterday’s air for the Guitar Hero series – it’s the same game we’ve become familiar with, but the theme and setlist does a great job at giving the Rock and Metal music fan something to play that’s excellent fun overall. It has separated itself from its main rhythm game rival, providing the player something meatier to dig their fret-addicted fingers into. It may alienate the casual rhythm game fan due to its genre focus, however, there’s nothing more satisfying than nailing a tasty guitar solo which is just not found in the more commercial songs we’ve been given with the likes of the Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Again, if you’re a hardcore Guitar Hero fan who appreciates Rock and Metal music, this latest iteration to the franchise will not disappoint."

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