Heavenly Sword Review: God of War with Girls Makes the Cut (8/10)

Heavenly Sword is clearly a God of War knockoff, from the blades with a ranged chain attack to the lack of camera control (both games use the right analog stick for dodging) and emphasis on massive one-against-a-dozen battles. At least this game has the good sense to crib from the very best, and is a solid effort. But despite the strong presentation and excellent voice acting, Kratos and his mythological pals have nothing to fear from Heavenly Sword.

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Loudninja4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Look at this now , people really enjoying Warhawk, and now HS is getting great reviews

Violater4066d ago

You will have a wide variety of great titles.
Not just shooters.
though we have lots of those too :P

Maddens Raiders4066d ago

and the writing is on the wall. The stubborn editorial public knows and 360 fans won't admit that it's clear:

PlayStation will win another generation of console battles. The future for this console is WHITE HOT.

Thanks Sony.

TheExecutive4066d ago

a good game, not great. Check. I can agree with that.

Rims4066d ago

Cool. can't wait. :D

Vojkan4066d ago

It depends how well will it sell. They are ready to work on second part but like they say its up to Sony to decide. I belive now Sony will waith for 3-4 weeks from the day of release and if sales are positive Ninja Thoery will start working on second part.

TheExecutive4066d ago

First second or last, one shouldnt judge it on any other factor than the game itself.

felidae4066d ago

8/10 is ok if it comes from

But the game deserves 9s and 10s

Vojkan4066d ago

Do you have this game? Have you played and finished it? NO
Than how can you say it deserves 9 or 10, don't you realise how hypocrite that sounds?

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The story is too old to be commented.