Should game development be more accessible?

With the progression and expansion of gaming, it comes as no surprise that developmental interest in the industry is increasing rapidly. However, independent game development is much easier said than done.

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dangert122974d ago

Wish it was some gaming fans have made some amazing stuff the kills what the bigger guys made for example that sonic fan remix and it would be cheaper and maybe tailored around what there arguing in the forums about dlc should't be an armoured cloak etc and actually release fallout 3 /GTA 4 style DLC for games at a cheaper price as they ain't big enough to command so much or will they just jumpright in there and get greedy

MelonieMac2974d ago

Yes, I think if game development was more accessible, we'd see a lot more great games out there. It's a little frustrating looking through PSN or XBLA and wishing to have a larger selection, but the process just limits everything.