Rock Band 3 - Radar Love Gameplay (Medium Guitar)

E4G: Medium Guitar of Radar Love on Rock Band 3.

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Bounkass2888d ago

Wow, someone is good at Guitar Hero! How many of these stupid video's are going to be posted? Every song at every difficulty? This isn't news...

Baka-akaB2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

it certainly is news compared to "5 ways sony should convince about 3d" , or "this is what you looks like playing kinect" , or ads for gamestop in form of an article

Bounkass2888d ago

Nah, Guitar Hero is older than 3D and certainly Kinect... News is all about NEW stuff, not old(er) stuff... But I know what you mean.

TroyAndAbed2888d ago

No whammy bar?
No strumming up?
Medium difficulty?


What's the point?

dkblackhawk502888d ago

The point is to show game play and not should know that by the title.