PS3 and eight Blu-ray movies for $475

PS3Fanboy has a method of getting a PlayStation 3 and 8 Blu-ray movies for only $475.00. Follow the link for the method.

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Vip3r4124d ago

Is a damn good deal. I was chuffed at getting 1BD for free but 8 really is something else. I think the paramount deal would have had something to so with this.

alexander22rednaxela4124d ago

Yes, and as a gamer I find this disturbing. Because sony allowing retailers to promote PS3 as a Blu-ray player like amazon is doing, is not healthy for the Playstation heritage. Playstation used to be ALL about gaming, putting gaming in the center of the experience.

Playstation have had innovativeand new gamedisc storage every generation, though this one is different.
I think this is something that disturbs Phil Harrison and others on Playstation team as well, I bought the PS3 mainly because of blu-ray and I am not alone in having a PS3, Blu-ray movies, but not a single PS3 game. SCARY for Playstation brand future?

TOM4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

to get a great deal.

As a massive 360 fan I'm shocked I did this but at this price the time was right.While its true there are no game sfor the ps3 right now they are on the way and as a fan of high def movies I couldn't pass this up.

Heres what I paid and the deal applied with out joining anything.
Item(s) Subtotal: $573.84
Shipping & Handling: $7.46
Promotional Certificate: $-7.39
Super Saver Discount: $-7.46
Promotion Applied: $-73.85
Promotion Applied: $-21.95
Total Before Tax: $470.65
Estimated Tax: $0.00
Grand Total: $470.65

Payment Method:VISA

Nothing special was needed,I just added the system and the movies ,amazon automatically discounted everything at checkout.
SO FOR 470$ I got 8 BR movies and the system.Now we wait for the games::)

edit: So I get a disagree even though i showed prof of what I paid? I'm just trying to let people know the deal isnt just for prime members. Some of you people have a lot of growing up to do. Anyway,I guess as a memeber of the "I own all three club", I better get used to asshats gettting pissed because i'm not close minded.

cuco334124d ago

as far as marketing goes, first they copied HD DVD with their 5 free movies promo, now they copy them with the 3 free movie deals through certain stores (i.e. amazon) while still having the 5 free movies deal

whengeeksgobad4124d ago

I don't think that the paramount deal helped, but it's nice to see to a similar deal as to what HD-DVD is doing.

Furthermore, I don't agree with what was said about sony not wanting to market this as a Blu-Ray player. From the very start Sony suggested this was going to be a "single device for your living room." The only way they can, and should be able to justify selling a console for that much is with its BR capabilities. So, I'm don't agree with the statement that sony is bothered by it being marketed as a BR player. A Blu-Ray player for $475.00 (within the context of this conversation)is a much better sounding deal than a game console for the same.

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Anything but Cute4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

packing the PS3 with free blu rays. It not only makes the PS3 cheaper, but it pushes Blu ray. It knocks out two birds with 1 stone. I would expect this from PS3 during the Holidays becuase they could be desperate to keep up with XBOX 360 sales.

Schmitty074124d ago

Gimme Warhawk over 8 movies.

Anything but Cute4124d ago

That wouldn't be art, would it?

Dlacy13g4124d ago

If you look you will see the HD-DVD add-on for the 360 is in 5th or 6th spot and also has the 8 movie deal.

This is not proof of market trends...this is only proof of Amazon tryig to move units by doing large movie bundles. My guess is their HD movie library is not moving as fast as they want so they are creating these deals to move inventory.

tomfoolery4124d ago

buy a system to watch movies on?

MarioFromTexas4124d ago

I use my PS3 to watch movies and oh boy does it look good

BulletToothtony4124d ago

hate on a good deal?? do you know that bluray movies look awesome on an hdtv?? why would you come and hate like 80% of people on this site??

are you really that bitter..? it's and extra 3 blu ray movies and a $25 discount, what's wrong with that again?? for $15 more they can download warhawk when they get it from amazon

whengeeksgobad4124d ago

Sony isn't trying to just make a game console. They are trying to push a whole new format for movies as well. If it takes off, its really not a bad idea. If we are going back to the old "ps3 doesn't need Blu-Ray" argument, thats a whole other can of worms that I am steering clear of.

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