Why I decided to switch to a Nvidia Video Card

The reason why a person would switch to Nvidia card over ATI product. Opinion-based article from author's own experience

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toaster2975d ago

ZOTAC makes really good cards, their AMP! editions have really great cooling. Nihilism, you should have went the extra mile buddy :3

I'm glad he's enjoying his nvidia card. I've had one ATI card and it was nothing but trouble, this was a while ago, before I got my first nvidia card, 8800GT. Since then I've always used nvidia. 9800GT, 9800GTX. Hopefully I'll be upgrading to a 480 soon and by the time I'll have enough saved up 580 might be out. The future is really looking good for hardware, nvidia and ATI are locked in competition again which is good for the consumer.

FordGTGuy2975d ago

I'm using a ZOTAC GTX 260 216 core fantastic card, handles Fallout New Vegas on highest settings with full filters.

VonAlbrecht2975d ago

My HD4850 can do that as well. New Vegas can run on a dime, so that's not really saying much.

FordGTGuy2975d ago

That's bullcrap Von Fallout New Vegas is just as demanding if not more demanding than Crysis. Which my card that is now two years old can play at max settings and filters. Its running stock speed and I can over clock it almost to GTX 280 performance with little heat increase.

Don't say anything about power consumption as I have 2x 1 Terabyte 7200 RPM 3.0 G/Bs HDD, Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz(that I have overclocked to 3.6 Ghz using my motherboard without a problem) a old Maxtor 150 GB HDD and a CD-Rom drive on a 585 Watt PSU that came with my computer case. I've had both my GPU and CPU overclocked without any problems.

KingKiff2975d ago

My 2 year old 4890x2 does just fine... Maximum if I am not mistaken lol

It has 2g GDDR5 ram and a dual core 3.5ghz processor on it.

forget the rest of my PC's specs it don't matter.

The article should be titled why I wasted more money than I should have for not that much benefit. Not an Nvidia hater I loved my 8800gts OC/ED, it's just not worth it.

appleseedexm2975d ago

But VonAlbrecht is damn right. I also love Nvidia since they have very great technologies and stuff and their cards just work. I made the mistake and tried to run with ATI but I only had probs so the "fanboy factor" is out here.

Fallout NV is never as demanding as Crysis, I think you don't even know what the CryEngine is capable of. But yea, you're right, you are able to run it with a 260, but your also able to run it on a 8800GT /w same settings.

Sarcasm2975d ago

"That's bullcrap Von Fallout New Vegas is just as demanding if not more demanding than Crysis."

That's bullcrap.

Crysis can use up to 99% on my GTX465.

Fallout NV hovers around 30% most of the game and at most uses 50%

I'm OC'd to 750/1500

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LostDjinn2975d ago

Toasty, you really are an N'vidia fanboy. What can I say? We can smell our own. ;)

I think they bring the greater amount of innovation out of the two and their driver support is second to none.

Just a much smoother experience for the consumer as far as I'm concerned.

FordGTGuy2975d ago

Its just his preferences I see no where in his comment where he said anything bad about AMD GPUs. The GTX 480 is a fantastic GPU and still holds the top spot on 3D Mark leaderboards so get over yourself.

KingKiff2975d ago

I have never had any problems with ATi or Nvidia drivers TBH and I don't know what people are on about are when they go on about crappy ATi drivers.

LostDjinn2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Ford, the first line was a joke. Try reading it again.

KingKiff, try using an ATI/AMD GPU with linix and tell me you've never run into driver problems. You just don't get those problems with N'vidia.

CombineElite2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

I prefer AMD GPU's for the simple fact that they are just as good as Nvidia but use way less electricity which is important to me.

Also I overclock my CPU on air so I can't have all that heat blowing in my case from aftermarket GPU cooling fans so since AMD run cooler that's what I prefer.

people love to say AMD has bad driver's without even thinking. I have never had a problem with AMD drivers from my first 9550 all the way up to my current HD 4890 CF set up but then again I keep my registry clean and never have driver problems at all.

The GTX 460 1GB SLi set up is one of the best choices out right now but for me HD6870 crossfire is almost as good as top of the line GTX 480 sli set up but way cheaper and it doesn't require a 1000 watt PSU.

They both make excellent cards I guess it just depends on preference. Except the GTX 465 and HD 5830 are some crappy cards.

check the benchmarks for yourself

appleseedexm2975d ago

I have to agree with the other side. What you said with the 460SLi setup is true, they're affordable, crazy fast in SLi and they NEVER create as much heat as the 480. Buying a 480 is just wrong because the card produces too much heat and for that its pretty expensive. Also the 3-Slot-Design of the AMP! is not the thing I would pack in my case.
The only thing I wonder is your driver statement. I have to say, if that's true, you're one lucky guy ;-) Even the HC-ATI-guys I know agree with the driver lack :)

Nihilism2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

I always buy Zotac though :S

My last card was a Zotac GTX280 AMP! edition and my current card is a Zotac GTX480 reference card.

Default 480 clocks, AMP edition clocks, my cards clock.

850/1700/1000 :D :D :D

Isn't she pretty?

They must bin their cards really high because they O.C like a mofo. No need for the AMP card this time around, 65% fan speed, 81c is the hottest it's ever gone and that's in a 30c 3x3room with no ventilation...and a midi case.


Better drivers, AA and AO override in many games that do not support either on ATI cards, Physx, better AA performance, better DX11 performance. Simples really if you are on a budget, maybe nvidia, if you have the money...there is no question. But given the following pics which show absolute domination in min frames over all 5 and 6 series cards due to the 400 series better architecture...I would argue Nnvidia still give better price/performance/features/sup port ratio than every ati card in every price bracket.


Nothing wrong with that, AMD cpu's have awesome price/performance, but like AMD GPUs they offer much less min frames than Intel. That said, my next cpu/mpbp/ram combo will be for Bulldozer rather than Sandy Bridge...benchmarks and price may change my mind but I'm pretty set on AMD for the next upgrade because Intel have locked overclocking unless you pay for the k edition cpus

KingKiff2975d ago

it's a pity they took all your bubbles.

It's well thought out shit like that, that keeps me reading the comments section on the site lol.

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frjoethesecond2975d ago

Iv'e always been an nvidia fanboy. Cant buy ATI for some reason. Especially strange since I'm an amd cpu fanboy.

appleseedexm2975d ago

can I marry you?
j/k, I'm also on the AMD/Nvidia way, but we actually have hard times coming, but there is a little bit of hope called Hydra..

StarScream4Ever2975d ago

I used to buy Nvidia cards all the time then I switched to AMD when their 5000 series rolled off. Now I look at the current line up of Nvids and I can't help but to notice that its mostly power hungry and weighs more than AMDs. I enjoy my current card performance and looking towards upgrading to the 6000 series. The 400 Geforce impresses me but they are power suckers and huge.

hard joe2975d ago

anyone experiences nv4_disp error?
i got this error
and now my notebook can't even boot windows properly

toaster2975d ago

Update your drivers. Easy fix.

TheIneffableBob2975d ago

I go with whatever has the best price-to-performance ratio. I've always been NVIDIA until this generation. I have an ATI HD 5870 right now and I'm pretty happy with it, though I think NVIDIA's drivers are better. The interface is just nicer and more polished and they have a lot more features. The game profiles feature that NVIDIA has is something ATI does not and it's really useful.

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