Zotac 480 AMP vs Gigabyte 5870 SoC

Head on comparison between "Zotac 480 AMP Edition" and "Gigabyte 5870 Super Overclocked" video cards

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CombineElite2977d ago

Hands down these are the two best cards for the Red and Green team's flagship single GPU model.

The Zotac GTX 480 runs a hell of a lot cooler than any other fire starting GTX 480 out and the Gigabyte HD 5870 comes with a 100 mhz overclock running at 950 mhz.

both are worth the money and will have you gaming with all the eye candy on HIGH.

The one thing I didn't like in this review is that the Mafia 2 bench test was done with Anti Aliasing OFF and Physx ON.

Anti Aliasing should be at 8x and Physx should be OFF. Physx is a proprietary Nvidia feature so testing it with it on puts AMD cards at a disadvantage. Until Physx is OpenGl and openly available to AMD and Intel then it shouldn't be in benchmarks.

Luke147892976d ago

I tested Mafia with PhysX on purposely, to show the major difference it makes between the cards.
I had a chance to experience it myself and it is day and night difference.
You are correct, I should have done it without it as well to compare the raw performance.