Top 7 Scary Games of the Past Year

Realm of Gaming's Greg Knoll has come up with a list of 7 scary games that have been released within the last year.

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qface642974d ago

what? since where bioshock 2, heavy rain, resident evil 5, dead rising 2 scary?

haven't played the others so i can't speak for those but the games are listed were not scary

MasterGuru2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Every game in that list would have to be played alone in the dark to be scary except Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain does not give me the chills at all whatsoever. I do sometimes panic especially when my controller goes "loco" but other than that, I can never really say it made my heart throb like Resident Evil 5 or Left 4 Dead. Anyway, where's Left 4 Dead? Did the author not play the game?

linko18-19902974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Actually (*SPOILERS*) in the one DLC mission. " The taxidermist" where you are playing as Madison, sneaking into the house and then trying to scape without being found by the killer was pretty intense/heart raising and i did get a sense of fear. :P

PS360fanboy2974d ago

Heavy Rain is an investigation story. What's scary about it? I haven't playd Bioshock 2 but the first one had some pretty scary moments. Resi 5 is last year.
Alan Wake, haven't tried it yet but looks scary. It's supposed to, afterall.

Kran2974d ago

Alan Wake is definitly scary. But when you're after all the pages etc in the second, or third or fourth playthrough, you know what to expect. Still kinda scary.

N4GAddict2974d ago

I didn't think Heavy Rain was scary

pr0digyZA2974d ago

Amnesia takes it for scary, while i was playing my heart was beating fast and my palms sweated the whole time. Awesome game.

J5Feedback2974d ago

Amnesia is the only game there that is truly scary. Dead Rising 2 is almost comical, and Heavy Rain had nothing scary about. Intense maybe, but not scary.

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The story is too old to be commented.