Amazing Xbox 360 Custom Faceplates

Loot Ninja came across some of SpaceGhost2k's Xbox 360 faceplate designs recently and thought they were some of the most unique designs ever.

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drunkpandas3919d ago

These things are amazing! I love the Heroes faceplates

taz80803919d ago

I like the different faceplates, but i dont like any of the ones out now. Most are just lame, this guy took customization to the next level and made them into artlike pieces. how can you look at the yoda faceplate and say its ghay? that thing is awesome!

XENOCIDE3919d ago

The Yoda, 300 n' TMNT are my favorite designs. Even tho I'm no major fan of either IP's (save 300), they're still very nice designs.

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The story is too old to be commented.