God of War: Unleashing the Jerk Within Us All

Sometimes it's just fun to be mean, especially when there are no real consequences. Be honest, if you could poke the bear without getting mauled, you'd poke the bear. Video games at times provide an unparelled outlet with which gamers can be real jerks. And among all of gaming's jerks, there's no bigger than Kratos. New England Gamer reflects on the ghost of Sparta in preperation for, well... God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

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MultiConsoleGamer2970d ago

I'll admit it, this article made me lol. Good stuff.

rdgneoz32970d ago

"for instance Bowser’s worst crime has never evolved past kidnapping the princess every other weekend. Kratos comparatively beat the sun god Helios into a bloody pulp and then tore his head off to use as a flashlight."

Yah, but you never have to change the batteries... Maybe he wanted to save money and help the environment? :P

ExplosionSauce2970d ago

Good read :)
It was also good to see more than one emotion form Kratos in the last chapter.