HD screenshots of Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The first screenshots taken of Kirby's Epic Yarn in HD look very impressive (via Dolphin).

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GamingForever2973d ago

Why can't Nintendo have HD on their wii... it would be so much cooler!

SkylineR2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I agree. While graphics aren't everything, resolution surely makes games look nicer. Case in point - PS2 re-releases on PS3. The re-mastered HD versions look so much better.
Hopefully Nintendo's next console has HD graphics...

Close_Second2973d ago

How do you convince the casual gaming audience that helped make the Wii a success that better graphics, processing power, etc are important enough to buy into the Wii HD. If they had seen them as important then why did they go with the Wii in the first instance?

Mahr2973d ago

In principle, if the right game came along, it would be fairly do-able. No one really saw a plastic wheel, a bathroom scale, a gyroscope, and whatever the Zapper is as important parts of the Wii gaming experience until specific software entries made them esssential purchases.

Of course, making that kind of game is easier said than done.

boogeyman9992973d ago

I'm probably a noob for asking but can someone tell me what Dolphin is?

fantasygamer2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Dolphin is a PC Emulator for Gamecube games and it also Emulates Wii games. and i have to say Kirby's Epic Yarn looks really interesting and unique.

lastdual2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Kirby looks like such a smug jerk in this shot:


DORMIN2973d ago

Thats Kirby's "Haters gonna Hate" look.

On topic: The screenshots look incredible!

maniac762973d ago

i hope ninten allow for hd upscaling on there next system so you can play the wii games in hd like these,if possible

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