Heavenly Sword ninjas aim for number one

Anything less will be a disappointment for dev team.

After four years hard slog for developer Ninja Theory, work on its ambitious, PS3 exclusive adventure, Heavenly Sword, is done, dusted and will be hitting the shops next month. And after all the painstaking nurturing and momentum-building hype surrounding the game, will anything less than a chart-topping hit be a disappointment for the development team at Ninja Theory? The answer, according to company co-founder and chief development ninja Nina Kristensen, is a definite "Yes!"

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HeartlesskizZ4127d ago

One reason Im going to get this game will be for the Storyline.
it looks very intersting and fun (in my opinion) and not to mention the brutal combos u can pull out with Nariko

junk564127d ago

im gonna get this game because i know the devs worked hard on it, that alone sells a game to me. i dont buy games that lazy devs did and dont do jack with it to improve anything (EA cough, Ubisoft cough)

funkycoldmedina4127d ago

Sympathy for bad developers should never be a buying motto for anyone, but freedom of choice is what it is. A bad product is a bad product, why fund a group that didn't care in the first place. This is a buy for me, because I enjoyed the demo even though the reviews are so inconsistent. From all the reviews I don't expect this to be a great game, but still a enjoyable one. The gameplay appeals to me, I enjoy hack'n slash/adventure games so definitely falls into one of my preference genres.

felidae4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

definitely a No.1 game

Nariko is the new Lara .. just more sexy ;-)

Vojkan4127d ago

Are you serious? She has head like an egg

Bordel_19004127d ago

"Are you serious? She has head like an egg"

Said the sheep.....

ParaDise_LosT4127d ago

*evil grin*
I won't say it because y'all know what it is...

XxZxX4127d ago

as much as Heavenly sword can sell, the #1 belongs to Halo 3. I believe HS will sell pretty well.. already pre-ordered mine, nothing can beat HALO 3 sale.

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