15 Minutes of Call of Duty: Black Ops Demolition Mode shows Killstreaks

Today we have received more word on an another Call of Duty: Black Ops video. This time around the video shows Demolition and some Kill Streaks.

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-Alpha2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Pretty much seen everything I need to see. My only real complaint I have is that I still don't like the idea that RC Cars are going to be frequent. Spy Plane is clearly better but with the lack of Stopping Power people are going to be using Ghost. Hopefully Ghost doesn't become the dominant Perk otherwise we will have to deal with RC spamming. There seems to be a good balance for perk 2 classes though.

Good to see care package moved to 5 killstreak. I still think it should be removed all together though.

Other then that it looks to be the best thing since CoD4. Treyarch has done a great job showing that they've listened to the most crucial things, lets just hope everything gels together after release.

AndrewRyan2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

From what I have seen it looks great. The only problem I have is the weapons, I know one will be overpowered so I would like to test the guns and see for myself. I don't want another World at War situation with the MP40.

EDIT: Looks like Treyarch takes all the good things from all of the recent call of duty's and leaves out the bad. Balance from CoD4, Zombies from CoDWaW, and Customization from CoDMW2.

Cevapi882972d ago

so these are the sort of controls that people find realistic?

interesting 0_o

Solid Wolf2971d ago

It's just a videogame anyway it doesn't have to be too real just not a spam fest party like Modern Warfail 2. XP

andremasonbaba2972d ago

hate the f ing quick scooping tht what ruin mw2 and u shouldnt be able to run around with a sniper rifle like its a fucking handgun.....come on dude

TheSleepyGamer2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

And quickly scoping in and attacking a moving target with a single shot weapon is Muuuch worse than running around spraying with an SMG or camping in a corner.

Don't even get me started on painkiller and noob tubes...

MerkinMax2972d ago

And that is the beefed up sound effects. The footsteps, the sounds of your gear, the weapons and explosions. It all sounds great!

baodeus2972d ago

if only you understand what they were saying. LOL This ain't Funckin Vietnam man, i don't remember vietnam w/ building looking like this. But the voices are pretty funny. They even got the accent right (north vietnam accent).

SkylineR2972d ago

The game isn't entirely set in Vietnam. And multiplayer uses different forces/teams on whichever map.

TrevorPhillips2972d ago

RC cars are actually a good to get rid of campers while they're hiding in corners, etc.

-Judge_Fudge2972d ago

damnit ever since COD4 im as happy as a school girl when i see a new COD becasue i expect it to live up to the deliciousness as COD4 but im always let down this have better live up to its predecessor or im out for COD for a while

Neckbear2972d ago

So, it's basically Modern Warfare 2 re-skinned and rebalanced?

Eh, wasn't planning to buy it anyways.

Beahmscream2972d ago

2:50 I like how you can shoot a dead body and they bleed! (Yeah so what I like gore!)

PhantomT14122972d ago

At least, they didn't took away this gore touch from [email protected]

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The story is too old to be commented.