Soundtrack Spotlight: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

CFD!'s Nate Andrews takes a look at the chiptune stylings of Anamanaguchi and more in this week's Soundtrack Spotlight:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is a weekly CFD! feature devoted to all things VGM. Every week we celebrate the best in game music, highlight new releases and forgotten tracks, and bring you the best in auditory awesomeness.)

"It’s hard to believe that, despite having been released some two months ago now, I haven’t touched upon this soundtrack at all. I am a bad, bad person, and I sincerely apologize for my lack of punctuality.

"That said, this is actually a prudent opportunity to talk a little about Anamanaguchi, the New York-based chiptune/rock band responsible for the pulsing, swirling, nostalgia-inducing tunes found in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game."

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RobsteinOne2976d ago

I love the music in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Good stuff.

Neckbear2976d ago

Another Winter is probably of the best songs in a videogame this year.

thisdustin2976d ago

I had my beef with this game, but god damn if the soundtrack wasn't awesome!

ShadowPraxis2976d ago

I feel like I'm missing some crucial part of my brain - chiptunes are nice and nostalgic, but I feel like I don't enjoy them as much as I should.

Am I broken?

ShadowPraxis2976d ago

I still haven't sampled Metroid Metal yet - I probably should...

Pandamobile2976d ago

I love this soundtrack. I listen to it daily.

Giantsquirrel2976d ago

Love this feature. Looks like it's going to be my main source for game music recommendations now that 1up's The Soundtest is dead... :(

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