When it comes to Gaming, There is No Such Thing As…

GOS Writes: "The title says it all “There is No Such Thing.” There is no such thing as a true gamer, a hardcore gamer, or a casual gamer.Those titles are meaningless in my opinion, and do not give an accurate description of the gamer and I will explain why."

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mrmcygan2970d ago

You don't have to buy a ton or games or play a lot to be a hardcore/core gamer. You just have to love the gaming industry and understand it.

AceofStaves2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

There's a sort of tribalism in gaming culture now, and that's given rise to this penchant for labeling people. The truth is, gamers can't be pigeon holed. I game on many different platforms, play games from E to M ratings, and invest a nice chunk of time and money into this hobby. But in no way am I better, or worse, than any other gamer.

The problem this generation seems to be the gamers who decided to pick teams instead of focus on the broad spectrum that is gaming. There's a tendency to speak in meaningless absolutes, to predict crushing victories for their side and damning failures for their company's "enemies" that makes it really difficult to actually discuss games and consoles this gen.

Profit and marketshare are the measures by which the manufacturers and game devs determine success. While each company is concerned about their competitors, they are more focused on following their own business plans and answering their own shareholders.

I miss the days before heavy online gaming. There wasn't half as much trash-talk, smack-talk, and insults when multiplayer meant having someone else playing the game in the same room with you. They could punch you back. ;-D

CharlesDCI2970d ago

I couldn't agree more. The tribalism you speak of comes from the ability to game with massive amounts of people of like mind, thanks to the Internet. We all know what happens when you fill a room (virtual or not) with people who think the same, right? They start going to war with other tribes. I find it tiresome to try and define what kind of gamer I am because I don't believe I should have too.

metalanime2970d ago

just curious, but how many times have you seriously been asked to describe what kind of gamer you are? I really dont see that as a question i would be asked.

MaxXAttaxX2970d ago

Maybe EvilBlackCat could learn from this, instead of calling people idiots and posers because they like certain games he does not.

gapecanpie2970d ago

The whole hardcore/casual gamer crap came from fanboys who only own one game system anyway.

Tony P2970d ago

I have no problems with the labels. Except "true gamer" cos that just sounds made up.

My problem is really with the ignorant people who use them... ignorantly.

ChickeyCantor2970d ago

Like 90% here on n4g?
Yeah =D

xino2970d ago

just some idiot who tries to make himself bigger than others or avoid being judged as a casual gamer.

Hardcore and casual title will always be used and there is nothing you can do about it.

Just like the terms for movie enthusiastic, drama fans. What are the difference? movie enthusiastic are the ones who love to know and watch all the big movies being talked about just like hardcore gamers talk about hyped games and AAA title.
Drama watchers just watch drama based movies and are not interested in movie CG effects, soundtrack or the origin/adaptation of the movie. Much like casual gamers, they don't care about the game as long as it's easy, enjoyable and fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.