Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Unboxing

Saint-ism presents an image unboxing of Fallout: New Vegas Collector's edition.

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unrealgamer582949d ago

That's gotta be one of the best collectors editions I've ever seen.

hikayu2949d ago

for 80$ in the US, i think it is worth it . if u r a fallout fan , u'll eat this up easily .

Christopher2949d ago

I thought FO3 was much better. Bobblehead + lunchbox + PipBoy clock .

jay22949d ago

I'm still waiting for my copy to come :(

Triggs2949d ago

I only bought the regular copy, but after playing the game for hours I wish I just went straight to a collector's edition. I don't know if there's a PC version of it though. Damn, Steam clocked my gaming time at 48 hours and I only had just entered the Strip. Yikes!

Lucreto2949d ago

I hope mine comes tomorrow along with my Back to the Future Blu-ray CE.

Hazmat132949d ago

back to the future FTW!!!

fossilfern2949d ago

Still didnt get mine its now monday :( i think the royal mail have stole it and have a 21 day waiting policy! ill never get to play this game :(!

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