Huh, What Was that Noise? A Metal Gear Solid Revaluation

Metal Gear Solid made a huge impact on its release but does it hold up today? With the recent release of MGS: Peace Walker and the upcoming MGS: Rising how do the Metal Gear Solid games stand up years after release?

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crashsnipe2977d ago

Metal Gear Solid is my favorite PS1 game and is still a lot of fun. Also the story is one of the best i have seen from a game in the 90's

Cevapi882977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

last time i checked, the original was ported to if you cant find a copy on hand...finding it on the net shouldnt be that hard...when i first found out, i was super giddy knowing i could relive this game yet again

NecrumSlavery2977d ago

plus you can buy it from the PS Store.

PirosThe4th2977d ago

I can't get the pc version to work on Windows 7 so I just play it on my ps2...

fishd2977d ago

Whose footprints are these?

Boy oh boy,mgs wa absloutly mind blowing,that psycho mantis fight is still one of the most amazing experience i've ever had...when he said you like to play castlevania i shat bricks,literally!!!

jay22977d ago

The old RE's and all the MGS's are top notch games.

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Organization XII2977d ago

The good will always be remembered..

princejb1342977d ago

i so agree, thinks about chrono trigger

PirosThe4th2977d ago

Chrono Trigger is one of the best!

CrzyFooL2977d ago

! <---- Means you suck!!

CrzyFooL2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Don't disagree with me because you suck at MGS and you always see !'s

Learn to sneak better!!

soundslike2977d ago

Agree 100%

Wish they never legitimized the impatient approach with the DREBIN system. Sneak or gtfo

Panthers2977d ago

YEEESSSS OMG I hated Derbin. I couldnt stand that you could buy weapons and AMMMMMOOOO any time you wanted. That actually really upset me about the game. All ammo and weapons should be found on site. That would have made the game much more enjoyable.

morganfell2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

You forget. "War...war has changed."

mastiffchild2977d ago

And thery7 hardly "legitimised" a new, run and gun approach with the Drebin system, did they? The ul;ti8mate awards, accolades and achievement comes from playing MGS4 as we always played MGS games didn't it? By sneaking and taking down enemies in non lethal fashion you get your BB emblem-the real measure of whether you played and enjoyed this MGS game to it's fullest, imho.

I also think standing about like tool puking your ring up from a combat high also points to Kojima firmly restating exactly how he thinks you SHOULD play MGS4 doesn't it? All the arrival of the ammo and guns anytime Drebin system did was unfold new ways to play the game and to be frank I enjoyed messing about in MGS4 trying to play it mainly as a FPS at times and also getting all my emblems needed some lateral thinking and messing about with all the available options. Had MGO been just a touch more intuitive(and had they avoided Konami's BS log in nonsense I suppose-it was a pain)and less prone to cheats then it could have made MGS4 the greatest single gaming experience all round this generation rather than just the very best SP experience I've had this generation.

As much as I love Snake Eater I would go as far as saying the SP of MGS4 is the slightly greater achievement because of the way Koj ties everything together and even keeps a few special twists for us in there. That plot was so disparate it needed an amazing work to tie it all up and that's what we got. Maybe in pure MGS gameplay MGS3 would pip MGS4 but overall I'd give Patriots the nod mainly because iot ticks every box, expands the playing field while maintaining series tradition all while tying together one of gamning's longest running and most complex storylines.

Just because you COULD run and gun didn't make it the best or the Kojima accepted way of playing MGS4 and to me was just another string to MGS4's bow of longevity. Great, great game in SP and my only regret is that they never quite nailed and safeguarded the MP well enough to really compete with other shooters while still keeping the MGS feeling intact. It was a tough act but as he got so close it's a bit frustrating to think they actually could have pulled it all off.

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soundslike2977d ago

HUH? What was that noise? ...uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh *SNAP*

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