Can The Nvidia GTX 580 outperform predecessor by 20 per cent?

Normally, unsubstantiated GPU-performance rumours from Taiwan concerning unannounced graphics cards earn short shrift around these parts. However, now that we know that NVIDIA's GTX 580 is real, we're inclined to give this one a little more attention.

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CrzyFooL2949d ago

Yes, it will also weigh 5 lbs and run at 200 degrees!!

CombineElite2949d ago

Yep it's gonna required LN2 for cooling and requires to be welded into your rig with it's own 120 volt plug coming out the back of it.

So far only 2 GTX 480 in sli can run Metro 2033 MAx out barely at 33 FPS as Metro is the new Crysis.

Trust me the games are coming as developers finally use DX11 Tessellation which breaks GPU's down to their knees.

ipwnall2949d ago

Not true Combine Elite.

I have a single 480 with a modest 930 OC'd to 3.9 GHZ with 6 GB of RAM and can run Metro on max at 30 FPS most of the time.

As for the heat and weight talks, it's exaggeration. It'll get only slightly hotter than another type of GPU (with air cooling, I still maintain 46-52 degrees Celsius. ).

My only beef with newer cards is that there are only a few amount of games that will take advantage of them. My single 480 will last me for a couple of years at least. We need more PC-centric devs.

CrzyFooL2949d ago

My dual GTX 460 SLI setup runs Metro 2033 at MAX with steady FPS sir.

Sarcasm2949d ago

It really depends on resolution too. IMO I played Metro 2033 in 720p resolution. Yeah I know it goes against the whole "OMG SUPER INSANE RESOLUTION" mantra of PC gamers, but I only have a GTX465 and it runs Metro 2033 60fps. I hate playing PC games in 30fps TBH.

CombineElite2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

When I say maxed out I mean maxed out and that details

1920 X 1080p resolution or higher as this is 1080p Full HD
8x AA
16x AF
DOF settings on
Tessellation settings set to Maximum High
All graphics settings set to Maximum High

your not running Metro 2033 MAXED out on one card with all settings to maximum high and Full tessellation at 1080p

here are the benchmarks for Metro 2033 using a GTX 480 sli HD 5870 Crossfire with the settings I mentioned.

toaster2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

@ CombineElite

No single or dual card setup on the face of the planet can run Metro 2033 completely maxed. DX11 with High Tessellation and Advanced DOF brings GTX 480 SLI to it's knees, reviewers don't even bother with Advanced DOF because it brings the game to an unplayable framerate. I have yet to see a benchmark where Metro has Adv. DOF turned on. People just don't bother with it. So technically, the game isn't maxed yet. Maybe with a 3 way SLI set-up you'd get decent frames but as of now Metro will chew up any card you throw at it and spit up.

Also, your linked review does not use DOF settings. Like I said, nobody benches with it because it's just too taxing.

ProjectVulcan2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Can GTX580 beat GTX480 by 20 percent? Unlikely. With all 512 shaders and 64 TMUs enabled at the same clocks as GTX480, at best thats less than 7 percent more pixel/texture fillrate. Clockspeeds would have to improve quite significantly in order to sustain a realistic 20 percent improvement.

Even with much better binning and fixed architecture on TSMC 40nm it isnt likely to be able to match a radeon 6970, let alone compete with a 6990. Such is the die size and added difficulty in producing perfect parts with no margin for error to disable clusters there wont be any big clock increases on such a GPU. Nvidia might still find themselves getting better yields and performance disabling shaders and binning at better speeds.

480 shader/60 TMUs @ 800mhz/1600 for example is still going to beat a 512 shader/64 TMU card @ 750/1450, and nvidia are more likely to have viable samples at the former spec than the latter.

A 480/60 part running at 800/1600 however still isnt even 20 percent faster than GTX480. Last time nvidia tried a clock bump between top single GPU cards of essentially identical design (8800GTS 512 to 9800GTX+) they didnt manage 15 percent even though 9800GTX+ was on 55nm and the GTS was on 65nm. Hence my reasons for saying it is unlikely.

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Garnett2949d ago

I dont think the Xbox 720 power brick will be that hot, but it'll be close.

Wait am i on the wrong page? I seen 5lbs and 200 degrees and just assumed...

Anyways, i got my 260 GTX core 216, im fine and happy no thanks Nvidia.

superrey192949d ago

Crap, I was thinking about getting a gtx 470 soon to replace my gtx 260. Should I just wait for the gtx 500-series?

Organization XII2949d ago

Unfortunately I don't see any game that will use the power of a new GPU

Letros2949d ago

I'd only get one of these if I wanted to do 1080p 3D, or double them up for 3x monitor 3D. There are situations where the power is needed =)

hoops2949d ago

You can do that now with this generation of GPU's

Letros2949d ago

Well 99% of games yea, though Metro 2033 in 3D at 1080p needs some heavy transistor counts.

Sarcasm2949d ago

All games that will use the power of a new GPU if it's 1080p or more.

I'm perfectly fine at 1680x1050 or hell even go as low as 1280x720 with more AA.

hoops2949d ago

How hot will this puppy run and how much juice does she need should be the real question

OpenGL2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

If it's coming out within the next 4 months it's still going to 40nm. TSMC 28nm process won't be ready until a few months into 2011, but when that happens I would expect to see some real GPU refreshes.

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